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Carousel Block

Available on theses packages:
  • Starter
  • Blog
  • Premium
  • E-Commerce
  • Pro
Carousel Block

With the Carousel Block, building an image gallery or a screencast is really simple. With this list of thumbnails, your visitors can naviguate easily through your photos. The Carousel Block is ideally suited to share photos on your website. It is available for free on Premium websites.

Carousel Block


The Carousel Block is fully configurable. Images may come from your computer or from the image sharing service of Flickr. By clicking on a photo, it is displayed full screen and then you can switch to previous or next photos as in a screencast.

This Block is simple and is perfect to easily share photos.

A more powerful version of this block is planned, which will allow you to display the thumbnails and full size images directly on the same page. This block will get all the functionalities of a real screencast, with automatic image scrolling.

Last update: March 23, 2020