Flash BlockCreate an interactive website by adding animations, banners, games or flash videos.
It is easy and quick: you just need to add a Flash block and to send your .swf file.This feature is available for all the Premium websites.add flash animation to my website

By using the Flash block, you can for example:

  • create an animation on your website (clock, countdown, cartoon...)
  • create a banner (animated text)
  • add small games
  • create videos...

To add a SWF file on your website:

  • create a Flash block on your page
  • click on the button Choose the animation
  • and, in the file selector, send a .swf file

Here is a list of online services and softwares to create some flash animations for free for your website (Slideshow, banner, videos, ...)

Online services to create flash animations

Softwares to create flash animations


configure flash animation 

Last update: January 19, 2017

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