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Add a drop-down submenu

You can create dropdown submenus, mouseover submenus (that appear while hovering over an image), or normal submenus.

To easily create a dropdown menu, you just need to change the page hierarchy in the page list. In the website creation tool, the orange tab named Pages, at the top left of your screen will allow you to manage all your pages. You will be able to change the page order and hierarchy (by using the grid on the left, to move pages vertically to change their order, and horizontally to change their hierarchy).

You can configure the menu, so that the main pages that contain submenus are not clickable. To do so, select your Menu block and check the following option:
No link for main pages with sub-menu in the Design panel.

You can also create mouseover submenus, that appear while hovering over an image (in this case, your main menu will be composed of images):
  • First, add menu blocks for each submenu, name them and select the pages they list. To do so, click on the Name button, (in the blue panel, on the left of the screen, when the block is selected).
  • The Image block has a specific option (only available for Premium and Pro websites) that allows to display a menuon mouseover. You can find this Mouseover menu option, in the blue panel, on the left of the screen, when an Image block is selected.
  • Thus, the Menu block will display by hovering the mouse over the Image block. It will be hidden otherwise.

Finally, if you want to create normal submenus, you can find additional information in our guide : Create submenus.

Please note that you can customize the style of all your menus by clicking on your menu, then on the Design button in the blue panel or directly on the Design tab at the bottom left. Then choose the menu options.
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