Transfer out of domain name

Your domain name is registered in your name and you can therefore re-use it. Please note that this will make the associated SiteW services (email address and website), non-functional.

In order to transfer your website to another provider, we can configure your domain name, so that it displays your new website. To achieve this, give us your host provider's IP address or CNAME (website management transferred to your new host provider) or nameservers (DNS) (website management, email addresses, etc... transferred to your new provider). You new website will be published within 24h. The renewal of your domain name won't be necessary until its anniversary date.

You can also transfer your domain name to the registrar of your choice. Please confirm the operation as well as the domain name in question, at least 15 days before it expires and check that it satisfies the transferability requirements (the domain name must have been booked for more than 2 months). This operation requires the payment of transfer costs and the domain name transfer will take around 10 days. Please note that in case the transfer code has not been used 10 days before the domain name expiration date, the restoration costs will not be due to the domain name management organization (up to 70US$ excl. VAT for a .com, .org or .net name).

Please note, that if your SiteW website is automatically renewed, this renewal won't be stopped. Your website will still work with another web address. Go to My bills and click on Unsubscribe in the subscription list, in order to stop any direct debit, if you don't want to renew your SiteW website.

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