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Add a visit counter

The widget HTML block allows you to insert third party blocks on your website. It is possible to insert a visit counter. You will find a demonstration of this block on the page: You will find more information on this page:

This feature is available for all Premium, E-Commerce or Pro websites.

These packages also offer:

  • Your own domain name in .us, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .cc, .ws, .me, .at, .name, .in, .pl, .de, .dk, .yt, .fr.
  • 1 (Premium website) or 10 (Pro website) professional email address using your domain name.
  • The possibility to create unlimited pages on your website.
  • Interactive blocks: contact form, comment wall, music block...
  • The possibility to create an online store (Pro website).
  • Professional designs reserved to Premium and Pro websites.
  • A better and faster indexing of your website in search engines by using the automatic submission after each publication, and to optimization tools of your website.
  • Detailed statistics on the source of visitors on your website.

You will find the detail of the provided services on this page:

To upgrade your website to Premium or Pro package, you can click on this link: Upgrade

You can also test for free and without commitment the Premium and Pro websites and the advanced blocks for 15 days. To test, make a new website from the page My websites.

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