Free Blocks

Blocks are graphical elements which can be inserted easily on pages, such as Text, Images, Photo Galleries, Videos...
All the blocks available to build your free website are described below.
Also check the demo site to see all of them in situation: Blocks Demo Site

Button Block A website
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Button Block

You know the importance of the calls to action for your website: these buttons allow you to incite your visitors… Read more

Box Block How to create a forum website
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Box Block

The SiteW Box block will allow you to work easily and effectively on your website design. You can create strips… Read more

Widget Block How to create a website using notepad
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Widget Block

Widget BlockThe Widget block allows to insert graphical elements which will give a welcoming and modern look to your website (shapes… Read more

Text Block How to launch a website
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Text Block

The Text Block allows you to easily add text on your website in a rich text editor. You can now… Read more

Menu Block Website builder free hosting
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Menu Block

Menu BlockThe automatic Menu Block from SiteW allows you to insert the list of pages of your Website. The management of… Read more

Map Block How to create a forum website
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Map Block

Block Google mapYour visitors will easily find where you are by using the dynamic maps you can add on your SiteW website… Read more