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January 19, 2023 - Aziliz Prébois

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Cart abandonment is a real challenge for online retailers: indeed, according to 2018 ecommerce figures, the average abandonment cart rate is 69,23%. Sending a specific email, quickly after not finished orders, reveals to be an often efficient way to increase online sales. SiteW has developed a system of automated emails for cart abandonment, in order to help you increase your revenue.

Automated email for cart abandonment: How does it work?

You have the possibility to create automated messages, following cart abandonment.

The cart is considered as abandoned if the last product addition occured 20 minutes ago, and no order was finalized.

Cart abandonment: How to create your automated email?

How to create a website on notepad

  • On the My websites page, click on Blocks > Emailing, then on the “Create a new message” button.
  • Then check “Automated message” and create your content the way you want. Feel free to read our guide about email creation for cart abandonment.
  • In the dropdown menu, select as recipients “Members who will abandon their cart after 20 minutes”.
  • In the same area, you can optionally increase the time before sending the automated email, by using the delayed send function. To do so, use the arrows to indicate the number of days/hours/minutes. For example, you can send messages after one or two days.

Nota Bene:

  • As far as GDPR is concerned, remember that it is mandatory to comply with this regulation and indicate, in the GDPR section of the Store block, your intention to contact your customers in an automated way.
  • In order to avoid nuisance, the automated send is only activated once in a 24 hour period: if your visitors abandon their cart several times during this period, only the first message will be sent.
  • Your visitors will have the possibility to unsubscribe from your website messages.

Cart abandonment Email : In what cases is the automated send not done?

In some cases, cart abandonment emails can or must not be sent:

  • Obviously, sending is only possible, if your customer’s email address has been previously registered on your website. So, only if your customers entered their personal details, then abandoned the payment, or if they were already members or customers of your website.
  • The orders paid with offline payment methods (check, transfer or order form) won’t trigger the sending process. Please note that, in this case, you can create another email, by selecting “Customers who will place an order and won’t pay” in the recipient list.
  • In the same way, the automatic sending will be automatically cancelled, if an order is placed by the customer meanwhile.

An example of a cart abandonment email

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E-retailers, you now have a new marketing tool, that is essential if you want to attract the attention of your most motivated customers. Feel free, in order to inspire yourself while creating your automated messages, to read our guide about cart abandonment emails.

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Last update: January 19, 2023

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