Automatic Billing For Your Online Store

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E-retailers, SiteW gives you the possibility to generate invoices, manually or automatically, for each order placed on your online store, and makes it easy for you to manage your billing and payments.

How to configure the billing settings for your online store?

To enable billing and configure your billing settings, go to the website modification page, and select your Store block by clicking on it. In the blue area, on the left, select “Billing”. In the window that opens, you will have the possibility to:

  • Define the VAT rate (enter the percentage in the appropriate field)
  • Check the option for displaying the price excluding VAT (remember to enter the price excluding VAT in the product description). In that case, only the total amount of the cart will include VAT.
  • Check the option for automatic billing. In this case, an invoice will automatically be created, as soon as an order is marked as paid.
  • Add a custom message to be displayed on your invoice.

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How to manage your invoices?

To manage your invoices, go to your website dashboard, on the My Websites page, in the section Blocks>Store>Orders. You will then have the possibility to:

  • Create an invoice
  • Download an invoice
  • Delete an invoice. Please note that it is not advised to delete an old invoice, because this would break the numbering of your invoices. In this case, you’d rather create a credit note for your customer, using another billing system.

Legal obligations for invoicing

  • The VAT rate must be displayed, it is unique for all products (and delivery costs). On SiteW, the VAT rate and the VAT amount are automatically displayed in the cart, when paying the order.
  • All final payments must include VAT

You now know how to configure, generate and manage your online store invoices, very easily, with SiteW.

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