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Manage your online store shipping costs

Build an online storeShow shipping costs directly on your website and in the order forms (for the payments by check or bank transfer). Shipping costs are configurable from the website creation page and are customizable to fit your needs...

To configure your online store shipping costs,

  • go to the website creation page,
  • select or create an online store,
  • in the properties, in the bottom left corner, click on the Payment management button
  • in the popup window, click on the Shipping costs tab.
Build an online store : manage shipping costs

You can then define several price ranges of your customer cart total. Thus for example, the shipping costs can be different if the cart is worth between 0 and 100 €, or above 100€.
For each range, you can associate a shipping cost. It can be fixed or depend of either the number of articles or the cart price.

Last update: April 06, 2017