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January 19, 2023 - Aziliz Prébois

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SiteW allows you to configure and customize the product stock status for your online store, and to tell your customers when an item is restocked, or when it can be pre-ordered. That way, you can improve your sales strategy and your customer relations.

Customization possibilities for the stock status display

On SiteW, you have a lot of customization possibilities for the stock status display. You can:

  • Automatically display a text, according to stock status: “In stock”, “Only x articles left”, “Out of stock”.
  • Display a custom text written by yourself
  • Show pre-order date, or the number of days left before restocking.
  • Change the Sold out text.
  • Set the stock limit that triggers the display of the warning message about the last items available.

You can change the stock quantity for several products at the same time, by using the mass editing system for products.

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How to customize the stock status display?

On the product description

  • To configure the stock status display, click on the online store product to be modified, on the website modification page, then:
  • In the Stock section, enter the number of items in stock.
  • Click on the arrow to see more options, if needed.
  • Check, if desired, the radio button “Use automatic stock”, which will adapt the text according to the current stock. The current stock can be automatically updated, with the automated stock management system. In this case, the colors of the stock texts will be predefined: “In stock” will be in green, “Only x products left” will be displayed in orange, and “Out of stock” will appear in red.

NB: In this mode, on your website, the stock status for the product options will automatically display, according to the selected option. 

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Alternatively, check the radio button that matches your need:

  • Custom text: enter your own custom stock text..
  • Restocking date (pick a date in the calendar): at that time, the product will be  automatically available for purchase again. The mention “Available in x days” will be displayed meanwhile.
  • Pre-order date (select a date in the calendar): the purchase button will display “Pre-order”, and the mention “Available on  xx/xx/xx” will appear. Then, at the selected time, the product will automatically be available for purchase again.

NB: For each sentence, you can choose the color of the text (green, orange or red).

In all cases, in the automatic and manual modes, if you set the stock to 0, the price and the Add to cart button will not be displayed. By changing this number, you can choose whether a sold out product can be ordered only when it is in stock, or pre-ordered, or displayed with a custom text.

Additional options

In addition to these options, you can:

  • Set the visibility of the stock text and the minimum stock for each Store block. To do so, go to the Design panel, check the option “Show stock status", and set the stock limit, triggering the display of the warning message: “Only x products left”.
  • Enter the custom sold out text, that will be the same for the whole website, displayed when the stock is set to 0, in the automatic mode. To do so, go to the Content panel after selecting your Store block, and click on the Stock button.
  • Enter your custom text in the appropriate field.

The custom stock display is an effective marketing tool, allowing you to improve your customer relations and increase your online sales.

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Last update: January 19, 2023

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