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The average cart abandonment rate being almost 70%, we easily understand why it is so important for e-retailers to build a marketing strategy around this trend. This is all the more relevant because the customers that start an order process without finalizing it, are most certainly interested in your products. SiteW offers you the possibility to create automated messages for cart abandonment. This article will give you some advice on how to create an effective cart abandonment email.

Main obstacles to purchase

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First, it may be interesting to list the reasons that can possibly discourage your visitors from buying online. Indeed, you can build your email argument around these issues.

  • The payment process may be too long or complicated, or the payment methods available may be too limited.
  • Shipping costs may seem too high to the customer.
  • It is possible that the customer is discouraged by the obligation to create an account.
  • The customer can also run into problems regarding payment, shipping and/or product returns.
  • The customer may feel a sense of insecurity about your online store.
  • Finally, additional costs that appear after cart validation can also dissuade him/her from completing his/her order.

Automated email for cart abandonment: figures

As the following figures from late 2017 show, cart abandonment emails are generally effective purchase incentives. This may seem logical, in the sense that the customers who have started an order process, are necessarily more attracted than others to your products/services, and they hardly need anything (for example, they may just need to have obstacles to purchase removed) to complete their purchase.

  • First of all, you need to know that cart abandonment emails are among the most read, with an open rate of almost 45%.
  • 21% of these emails are clickable, 50% of them are indeed clicked, and almost half of them result in a purchase!

Keys to creating an effective cart abandonment email

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Here are some tips for creating an effective cart abandonment email:

Write an impactful subject line

  • Your email subject line is clearly crucial. It will determine your email open rate. You can work on it in different ways
  • It can be based on your customer’s interest in purchasing one of your products/services.
  • Your email subject line can try to create a desire to purchase, for example by specifying that other people have already bought the product.
  • Email subject lines can also be the beginning of a story, in order to make the recipient want to open the message to read more.
  • It can be a polite form of address (“Thanks for your interest”).
  • You can highlight your news (access to new products for instance).
  • It is also possible to emphasize emergency or the scarcity of your products (“Only x products left!”)
  • You can add special offers (discounts, free shipping...).
  • Finally, you will be able to pique your recipient’s curiosity, by revealing only little information.

Pay attention to your email structure

It is important to properly structure your message:

  • Email title must be clear
  • Argument must be meaningful
  • Call to action (direct link to the cart) must be visible

Work on your timing

Timing is very important as far as emailing is concerned. Ideally, send an automated email right after cart abandonment, and, if possible, schedule another email 24 hours later, if the first one was not conclusive, include a discount or an announcement regarding the scarcity of your product.  

Car abandonment email: examples

Here are some examples of how you can build your argument in your cart abandonment emails:

  • Reassure your customers by removing obstacles to purchase: tell them payments are secured, packages are insured, or shipping is guaranteed before any such date...
  • Try to instill a sense of urgency by reminding them that stocks are limited.
  • Be original, by using humour, for example.
  • Make your new customers want to purchase your products by offering them special discounts.

You now have some guidelines to help you write emails that will convince your customers to complete their purchase. Feel free to take full advantage of them to create your automated emails for cart abandonment.

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Last update: October 19, 2021

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