Create an effective email for abandoned cart

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Almost 70%.

This is the cart abandonment rate when creating an online store.

It seems to be a pity!

 E-tailers have therefore every interest in setting up an email campaign around this, and one of the methods is to create a reminder email.

Especially since consumers who start the buying process, without finalizing it, are necessarily customers ... that are almost ready to buy!

There must be a way to "limit the damage", and to convince some of these customers by sending reminder emails.

With this in mind, let's see together how to write an effective reminder email.

So get to your pens or your keyboards and send a reminder email!

Abandoned cart: the main obstacles to online shopping

Let's be strategic...

The first thing you should do is to think about what might be blocking the buyer on the checkout page.

List the reasons that may discourage visitors, when ordering online.

Indeed, it is on these obstacles to purchase, that you can focus your reminder email.

To lead your reflection and recover these abandoned carts, ask yourself the following questions:

👉 About the checkout process:

  • Is the process too long, too complicated?

  • Are the available payment methods too limited?

👉 About the shipping costs:

Are they too high for the customer?

👉 About the ordering process:

Is it necessary to create an account?

👉 About payment, deliveries and returns:

Are there any practical issues around payment, delivery and/or questions about product return?

👉 About security:

Do Your Customers Feel Insecure on Your Website?

👉 On potential hidden additional costs:

Costs after validation of the order  can discourage people from completing the process, and cause cart abandonment.

Create an online sales website

Once you have gone through all these questions one by one, you already have a guideline to focus on and you can start writing your email for abandoned shopping carts. By using a professional email address.

But, to finish convincing you, here are a few figures first.

Reminder emails in figures

The numbers don't lie.

As the rates below (from April 2020) show, using abandoned cart emails on a business site is usually a good idea.

  • First of all, you should know that shopping cart abandonment emails are among the most read, with an average open rate of almost 45%.

  • Sending 3 abandoned cart reminder emails increases sales by 69%.

  • 21% of these emails are clickable, 50% are actually clicked, and almost half of the clicks lead to a purchase!

Image source:

In fact, it's quite logical: customers who have started an order process are generally more interested in your products or services than others.

After all, they had almost done it, they were about to finalize their purchase!

And it often takes very little, for example, overcoming the obstacles to purchase, to convince them to finalize their order.

So don't let them get away, go after them!

The keys to an effective cart recovery email

Ah cart abandoners, they give us a hard time 😉

Here are some concrete tips that will help you create an effective cart abandonment email for your "almost-buyers".

A strong subject line

The subject line of your email is obviously decisive; in fact, a personalized email subject line increases the click rate by 50%.

By reading it, your visitor will decide:

  • whether they open your email and read your message

  • or send it directly to the trash.

You can work on this in several ways:

  • The personal interest that your customers have with purchasing your product:
    Indicate the many benefits of buying your products / services.

  • The social value of your offer:
    Specify, for example, that plenty of people who are smarter than others, have already made this purchase, and that they don't regret it at all!

  • The beginning of a story:
    By starting a story in the subject line of your reminder email, you make people want to open the email to read more.

  • A greeting:
    You can entice recipients to click and open your email, by saying "Thanks for stopping by" or "We enjoyed your visit," for example

  • Emphasis on the new:
    Your abandoned cart reminder email can provide exclusive access to new products.

  • The "urgency" and "scarcity" dimensions:
    "Beware, only x products left in stock!", or "Hurry up, this is a limited edition!".

💡 If your cart abandoner was a hair's breadth away from clicking the purchase button, they won't resist this!

  • Enticing offers:
    In the subject line of your email, highlight promotions, free shipping...  Irresistible, for any self-respecting shopaholic!

  • Arouse curiosity:
    Do not reveal much information, and leave your sentence unfinished, in order to  attract clicks.

Create an online sales website

A good email structure 

To create an effective follow-up email, it is important to structure your message well:

  • The title of your email should be clear,

  • The argumentation must be  logically valid,

  • The call to action button (direct link to the shopping cart) should appear clearly.

What about sending time?

It is no secret that timing is key in terms of emailing.

Ideally, send an automatic email immediately after the cart abandonment, and possibly send another email 24 hours later, if the first one did not work.

After the first email, if possible, put forward a discount or make an announcement stressing the rarity of the product/service offered..  


We now know:

  • how to write an email,

  • what to say to cart abandoners,

  • and when to send your message.

Let's look at some examples, to get an even better idea of the topic.

Examples of abandoned cart emails

In your reminder email, you can focus your arguments on these specific points:

  • Reassure your customers by removing obstacles to buying products:
    Assure them that the payments are secure, that the packages are insured, or that the delivery is guaranteed before a certain date...

In short, comfort them, reassure them, seduce them, make them feel less guilty... 🙂

  •  Play on the sense of urgency, especially if your stocks are limited..

  • We all love what makes us laugh!

Rely on originality, with humor with, (for example, "it stays between us". This way, you make your customers feel less guilty, while making them smile).

  • Make your new customers want to buy your products/services, by offering special discounts.

Try to send regular newsletters in addition to automated emails in order to maintain a close relationship with your customers.

Create an online sales website

Here you have some guidelines to write an effective email that will convince your cart abandoners to complete their purchase and become real customers.

So arm yourself with pen and paper, and go write some killer emails!

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