Manage your product options

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Manage your product optionsYou have created an online store and some of your products are customizable? Your products can now have options. These options allow you to offer the same product in different version (color, size, custom text...). You can also configure a stock and an extra-cost for each option.

Create options

To create one or several options for a product, select the Store block and click on the product to edit it. Then, click on the Edit product options button.

Create options for your products

A window will pop-up to let you create 2 types of options:

  • Free field:

Free fields allow you to ask for a short text. For example, a name to be printed on a T-shirt:

Your configuration Create a product with free input
Option as seen by your customers

Free input to your store product

The length of the free field text can be configured (default values are from 3 to 15 characters).
  • Drop-down menu:

Drop-down menus are useful when you have mandatory and well defined options. Your customer will have to pick an option. You can configure an extra-cost for each option.

Your configuration 
Drop-down menu for product
Option as seen by your customers
Drop-down menu

Stock can be managed for each option by ticking the checkbox Manage stock. This adds automatically the option in the Stock tab table.

Stock options are displayed:

  • in the order forms,
  • in your store cart,
  • in the bill sent to your customers.

Manage your stocks for each option

You can manage your product stock by specifying the maximum number of product a customer can buy when you create your product with the field Product in stock.

When you have options, you can also manage your stock for each possibility with the Stock tab. Only the products with at least one drop-down menu and with a Manage stock box checked can access this tab.

With our T-shirt example, you can see below that a T-shirt is available in several colors and sizes : the tab allows us to configure our stock for each possibility.

Manage your stock with the store block

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