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Advanced category management for your online store

Online store

Your own online store creation becomes even easier and faster. You can now change which products are within a category directly from the category management page. Adding dozens of products in a new category can be done in just a few clicks and your e-commerce website is updated instantly.

To update a product category, you can:

  1. On the website creation page, select a Store block
  2. In the properties (on the left hand side of the page), click on the "Manage Categories" button
  3. Then, in the popup window, a new action (symbolized by Sell product) allows you to manage the product listed in a category. Click on it to open the product selection page.
  4. Finally, tick the boxes of the products which should appear in this category of your online store.

Within seconds, your category contains all its products and you can publish your updated e-commerce website.

Last update: March 23, 2020