Automatic emails from your online store

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Online store

Save time by sending emails to your customers automatically after each purchase. You can customize:

  • the message which will be shown on your website once your visitors paid with PayPal
  • the email which will be sent to them automatically as soon as PayPal validated the payment.

To customize and enable these 2 messages,

  1. Select or create a store block (to start a new e-commerce website, you can follow our guide How to create an online store).
  2. In the properties, on the left hand side of the website creation page, click on the Manage payments button,
  3. In the popup window, add or edit a PayPal method,
  4. Edit the texts which will be displayed to your visitors and tick the box to activate the automatic emails,
  5. and save.

During the next payment, your customer will automatically receive an email containing your message.

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Last update: March 18, 2021

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