Add Page Transitions To Your Site

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Here is another design tool that the SiteW users will certainly enjoy! You can now add animations to your website when changing page. Select the transition effect you want: you even have the possibility to customize it!

What do the page transition effects consist in?

The page transition effects allow to activate an animation on the blocks that you have inserted on your page, each time your visitors switch from page to page while visiting your website.

These transition effects apply for each change of page: whether your visitor clicks on a hypertext link, the site menu or a button-link.

You can choose between 6 different animation styles: slide, fade, pop-up, flip, scale, barrel.

How to enable the page transition effects?

Nothing easier! Follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Design tab (green panel)
  • Click on the Transition button
  • Check the effect you like
  • Customize it using the setting tools

How to customize the transition effects?

According to the chosen effects, if the options are available:

  • Use the sliders to increase or decrease the distance or the duration of the animation.
  • Select the desired direction in the drop down menu.

Nota Bene

You can only choose one transition style for the whole website and this effect can’t apply to blocks that have been rotated, full width blocks or blocks placed on the background page. In order to ensure a high quality display, the page transition effects are activated only on the Computer view of your website.


You now have one more tool to make your website even more lively and dynamic! So make the best out of it!

Philippe Gilles
Customer Success Manager
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Last update: March 18, 2021

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