Change a picture with the Image block

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A new feature of the Image block allows you to change an image when visitors move their mouse over it. You can build a dynamic and professional website with this new option.

This option is only available for the websites with the Advanced packages.

To activate this option and build a more dynamic website :

  1. go to the website creation page
  2. select an Image block (or add a new one)
  3. in the properties, on the left hand side, click on "Mouseover"(*)
  4. choose the image to display

When the visitors move their mouse over the block, the image will be changed by the second one. When the mouse leaves the block, the original image will be displayed again.
To have a nice effect, we strongly advise you to select 2 images with the same size.

You can find a demo of this new option on the block demo website, page Image block.

 (*) This option is not available for the starter packages. If you want to use it, simply create an advanced website which includes a domain name, more pages, more blocks and templates... (know more about all these options to create a website).

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Last update: August 24, 2022

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