Change the design of your online store

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The online store block can be displayed in 3 different styles: small square zones with borders, large rectangular zones without borders and horizontal list.
You can thus create an ecommerce website that fits your needs.

change store design




The Store block properties (displayed on the left hand side of the website creation page, when a store is selected) allows you to change the product list style.

3 ecommerce designs are available:

1. Small, with borders
Shows your store products next to each other, with a small picture.
Ideal if your webstore displays many products and you want to show a photo.
How to create a website in php
Example on the block demo website > Online store

2. Large, no borders
Shows your store products next to each other, with a large picture.
Ideal if you want to display a large picture of each product.
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Online store - Large

3. Horizontal list
Shows your store products below each other, in a table.
Ideal if your store categories contain lots of products.
How to create a website in php
Online store - Horizontal


Do not hesitate to contact us if you whish to customize one of these designs.

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