How to crop an image to a shape ?

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Here is another feature to improve your website design! You have now the possibility to crop an image to a specific shape. This will offer you a lot of new opportunities to improve the appearance and usability of your website.

How to crop an image to a shape?

Cropping an image to a shape is now possible by configuring the Image block’s settings. To crop an image to a shape, just follow these steps:

  • Insert an Image block into your site
  • On the left, in the blue panel, click on the Design button.
  • Check Cut to a shape
  • Click on Choose the shape
  • Select your shape and click on Apply
Our Tip-top Tip
Deliver one piece of information at a time:
  • Use a figurative image with a simple icon
  • Use a texture with a more complicated icon

Use examples of the shape crop tool

Pump up your resume or your team presentation

A resume or a team presentation can quickly become boring. On the other hand, you must be serious in order to create a good image. It is thus difficult to stand out while not weakening the message of confidence that you want to convey. In conclusion, it can be wise to adjust the presentation. The shape crop tool can help you make the difference.

Crop an image to a shape - pump up your resume

Create a patchwork of images

You have a lot of images to present? Creating a patchwork of images with the shape crop tool can be an alternative to our Gallery block. You can be creative and let your imagination run wild to highlight your images and your products in an original way.

Create a patchwork of images with the shape crop tool

Deliver a visual message

It is well known that nothing is better than visual content to deliver a message in a quick and effective manner. Be concise and surprising: according to your needs, you can use a heart to express love and affection, a sun to express joy, a bell to transfer information, etc.

Use shape crop tool to deliver a specific message

Improve your website design

Make your website more attractive by working on its graphics. Competition is harsher and harsher on the web, so take advantage of all the opportunities to stand out with elegance! The shape crop tool can help you with it bringing you a lot of new possibilities of creation.

shape crop tool to improve my site design
Improve your website graphics by cropping images to a shape

Add texture to your icons

Bring dynamism to your website by adding texture to your icons. A functional icon like an arrow, a bookmark or a phone… will have a better impact if you add a well-chosen texture or image to it.

Add texture to icons - shape crop tool


To conclude, the new shape crop tool will enable you to easily give your website a unique and original touch. Don’t wait any longer, go and try it!

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Last update: December 17, 2020

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