How to customize the images on your website?

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There are a lot of new customization options for the full-screen display. Find out how you can add transition effects, change the theme color or set the scroll speed of the images, in just one click!

New features

  • It is now possible to scroll the images in full-screen: click and hold the left mouse button on the image and move it to the right or to the left. On your mobile phone, you just have to swipe left or right!
  • The full-screen mode is now customizable: you can change styles in just a few clicks, and preview the changes in real time.

Demonstration of the new features

 Create a fullscreen gallery on my website

Full screen customization options

 Tools to customize a fullscreen gallery website

  • It is possible to choose between the full-screen display (recommended because it allows more customization options) and the “windowed” display (which is similar to what was previously offered)

In the full-screen and window modes:

  • You can choose between black and white background
  • You can select different transition effects, while switching from one image to another (you can also set the scroll speed of the images).

In the full-screen mode only:

  • You have the possibility to choose your theme color, for the autoplay bar and the thumbnails.
  • You can also add the following elements:
    • a frame counter
    • a Download button
    • a Share button  (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+)
    • an Autoplay button (you can enable it by default and set the scroll speed of the images)
    • the image thumbnails (you will be able to set the default display)

How to enable these options?

The changes made are valid for all images in full-screen, on your website. Consequently, to access these options, you will have to:

  • go to the Design tab, without selecting any block,
  • and click on Fullscreen image display.

You now have new options to make your website more attractive and further customize the images it contains. That way you will satisfy your visitors and improve your visual identity. Update your website!

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