Which icons should you choose for your website?

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Icons present the advantage of expressing an idea or a piece of information in a clear and quick way using meaningful pictograms. These little signs are often used in the IT sector because they are handy, precise and international, understandable by everyone in the world. The SiteW Icon block allows you to add an icon to your site in just one click. Here are a few examples of use of icons: you will thus know how to improve your website navigation and design.

Calls to action

Icons can be used for your calls to action. Indeed, as we have already seen it, the calls to action must be incentive and motivational. Nothing better than an icon to pass a message in a simple and quick way.

For example, use an Arrow icon to go to the following step or a Shopping cart icon to represent the act of purchasing. Encourage your visitors to get more information using the “i” letter icon. You can indeed add a link towards any page of your website to your icons.

icons calls to action website

Social network

Nobody can neglect social media today. They are systematically associated with icons. With SiteW, you can add an external link to any icon.

Who does not today identify the social media logos at first sight?

icons social media website

Header and footer

Your header and footer are ideal places to insert icons. They contain a lot of information and icons can considerably help make this information easy to read and understand. Add icons next to the data you want to highlight for they will draw your reader’s attention.

For example add a Phone or an Envelope icon for your contact information and a Lockpad icon to express safety.

icons for header

Business arguments

Web pages are most of the time, browsed rather than read in details. An icon can immediately draw your attention and be understood right away. Thus they are key elements when you want to convince your visitors. On your homepage, you may want to create a section that contains your selling points and highlights your skills and the qualities of your products or services. It is the ideal place to add icons that illustrate your point.

For example a Thumb icon will be used to show customers’ satisfaction, a Paint palette icon will represent creativity, a Light bulb icon will stand for innovation and an Upward arrow icon for progress.

add icons to illustrate website

You now have no excuses not to have a website with clear information, easy navigation, and a great design.

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Last update: August 25, 2022

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