New Web Design Possibilities For Your Website With The Rotation Tool

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The way your website looks is essential. Your visitors only need a few seconds when they come to your site to decide whether they like it or not. So the first impression really counts. This month, SiteW offers you a new tool that will allow you to work more precisely and more intuitively on your design: it is the rotation tool.

How does the rotation tool work?

The rotation tool allows you to rotate your blocks through 360 degrees. You can do this in the most simple way, by dragging them with your mouse.

The Shift button will allow you to make 12.5 degree rotations. It is easier that way to put a block back up.

Examples of use for the rotation tool

  • Original picture galleries
original photo galleries for my website
  • New web design creations
new possibilities of web design creations
  • Original titles for your website, your texts or your tables
original titles for my website
  • Vertical separators for a clearer presentation 
clearer presentation with the rotation tool
  • A new way to enhance your online-shop products
enhance my eshop products with the rotation tool

With this new tool at your disposal, the possibilities of creation are infinite… So make the most of it!

Philippe Gilles
Customer Success Manager
I am always by your side to help you in your projects. I do my utmost to make your SiteW experience the best possible!

Last update: March 18, 2021

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