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The “Sticky position” feature allows you to fix a block at top of page, when the top of the screen touches the top of the block, when scrolling down. With this feature, you can improve your website design, while also improving navigation.

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How to enable the Sticky position?

The Sticky position feature can be activated with a simple right click. Select “Sticky position” in the context menu.

How to use the “Sticky position” feature?

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The “Sticky position” feature is compatible with the “Anchor” function. You can, for instance, use this feature with a fullscreen strip and a menu, like in the following example:

You can combine several sticky elements on the same page. In this case, the blocks automatically stick to each other, in a vertical arrangement.

In which cases can the Sticky position not be activated?

This feature cannot be activated in the following cases:


Use the “Sticky position” feature to improve your website design and make navigation easier!

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