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Internet Explorer 8SiteW takes care of updating your website to ensure it is compatible with almost all browsers.

Although browsers are made to display pages in the same way, there are always differences which need to be taken into account. And each time a new browser is launched, new differences arise. That's why it is generally hard to keep a website displaying the same way if you don't adapt it. But, with SiteW, you don't need to do anything because we take care of keeping your website fully compatible with new browsers. This is what makes SiteW so easy!

Here is the list of the most popular browsers we continuously test your website against.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is a fast growing web browser, fully compatible with SiteW. We recommend its use if you want change your browser : More infos on Firefox

Google Chrome

The new browser made by Google is fully compatible with SiteW. You can try Google Chrome here


Safari is the navigator made by apple and is available for Mac  : More infos about Safari


Internet Explorer is the browser shipped with Windows : Get the last version

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Last update: October 07, 2020

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