Add shapes and frames to your website

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When you have created your website, you need to work on webdesign to make it as attractive as possible. First you can add pictures and illustrations,. Then you can customize your webdesign even more, by adding shapes and colorful backgrounds to your website. Our Box block can help you with this. This guide describes all the necessary steps to create backgrounds, frames or shapes.

Customize your webdesign by creating custom shapes

  • Begin with inserting a Box block into your website
  • Then select your shape: for example, a rectangle. But you can also choose a star, a tooltip or a circle.
  • Customize your shapes by choosing whether you want a gradient or a shadow. Also choose your shape colors. Don’t hesitate to read our guide about color selection to help you choose the right color combinations.
Add shapes and frames

Create your own frames for your texts and images

With our Box block, you can also create beautiful frames for your texts and images. You only need to follow the steps described above:

  • Create your custom shape as previously explained
  • Add a Text or an Image block over it. To move your block to foreground or to background, click on and choose To foreground or To background.
Add colorful backgrounds

You now know how you can add custom shapes, colorful backgrounds and beautiful frames to your website. You’ll soon become a webdesign pro!

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Last update: August 25, 2022

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