How to do online business?

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How to start a home business?

Start a website business and make it known using the SiteW tools

How to start an online business with no money?

SiteW allows you to start setting up a business from home: in no time, you will be able to add images, text and graphical elements, but also forms, calendars, Google maps, and even an online store! The interactive blocks (Blog, Newsletter, Social media…) will allow you to promote your online web business.

Online selling business

Develop your website business, in only a few clicks on SiteW. To start your own business from home on our platform, you only need to follow 4 easy steps: create your account, enter the name of your online business from home, pick your template and your package, and that’s it. You only have to add the necessary elements to your online company.

Website creation software
Add images
Type text
Creating a website is so
easy (drag-and-drop wysiwyg tool)
fast (everything is done online)
and absolutely free.
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based on 541 reviews on an independent platform
July 27 2017, 19:47 5/5
It is a website very easy to use with a...
It is a website very easy to use with an impressive support team. I was rapidly and efficiently assisted.
Louise menard
July 09 2017, 05:49 5/5
Thank you for your help. fantastic platform...
Thank you for your help. Fantastic platform for website creation.
Serge blanc
September 26 2018, 08:11 5/5
Easy and complete!
SiteW is easy to use and enables you to do many things. The support team was fast and efficient when I had a problem or a question. The only negative point is my computer slowdown when I use the platform but it is probably due to the low power of mi device.
Coline goret
August 28 2018, 01:43 4/5
Perfect for beginners
Perfect for beginners.
Thierry joubert
October 01 2018, 08:13 5/5
Very good responsiveness for the...
Very good responsiveness for the questions. After training, it is very easy to use. Moreover, it is a French website builder that was a determining factor for me. I deeply recommend this tool.
Sandrine gourlez
February 15 2018, 15:47 5/5
Very good work tool for professionals!
Very good work tool for professionals!
Ruski poutchek
August 25 2018, 16:03 5/5
Thank you for this website! i am not a great...
Thank you for this website! I am not a great expert but I manage. Message, problem: I cry for help. Thank you for your reliability.
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How to start an online business from home?

With SiteW, you will quickly know how to start a website business

How to start a small online business?

The SiteW tools have been designed for everyone to create a website and start their own business ideas from home very easily, even without technical knowledge. The Drag and drop system allows to add graphical elements and content to your home based online business, simply by using your mouse! Easy peasy! Then, work on your small business online’s SEO, by using our special tools.

Creating an online business

On SiteW, you will be able to know how to start an online business for free. The packages offered by SiteW are very flexible and allow you to create a totally custom website, according to your needs. You will have the possibility to start a small business online for free and to add advanced options later on, at any time, in order to develop your own business from home, if needed.

How to make an online business?
How to start an internet business? Look at what SiteW offers you:

  • Social networks

    Make the most of social media to promote your home based online business, thanks to our Social block.
  • SEO tools

    Your online business from home will be ranked high in search engines, thanks to the many SEO tools.
  • Web design

    SiteW guarantees you a totally custom layout for your online web business, that will fit your needs.
  • Assistance

    All of your questions about your home based online business will easily find their answers on SiteW: contact us!
  • Web hosting

    SiteW hosts all websites for free. Don’t worry: your online business will be secure on our Cloud technology.
  • Domain

    Register a domain in only a few clicks for your small business online and work on your brand image.
  • Evolutive

    You can start with opening an online business for free and add options later on, at your own pace.
  • No ads

    Your online company won’t contain any ads: every website created on SiteW is totally ad free.

Examples of businesses you can start from home, built on SiteW

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