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You know the importance of emailing for your ecommerce strategy. SiteW offers you advanced tools to create your campaigns and automated messages with a high degree of accuracy: you can easily design your content, schedule sending for later, select your recipients, manage your messages, and analyze your statistics.

Email sending features

Group email campaigns to your website subscribers

You have the possibility to send group emails to your website subscribers.

How to do it?

Web design tutorial

From the My websites page, click on Blocks>Emailing, then on the Create a new message button, and select the “Campaign” mode.

Schedule sending for later

Email sending can be scheduled, which allows you to prepare your messages in advance, so that they can be delivered, even when you are not available. Your messages can be modified, and sending can be cancelled, any time before the scheduled time.

How to do it?

To schedule sending for later, you just need to set a time limit while creating your message, by indicating the number of days, hours and minutes (the time will start counting down from the moment you click on the Send button).

Select automatically-created recipient groups

For your email campaigns, you have the possibility to select recipient groups, that performed specific actions on your website:

  • Visitors who subscribed to the newsletter
  • Members who subscribed
  • Members who posted a forum message
  • Visitors who sent a comment
  • Visitors who have answered a specific form
  • Customers who placed an order
  • Customers who placed and paid an order, or not
  • Customers who bought a specific product
  • Customers who bought any digital product
  • Members of a group
  • ...

You can also limit your sending to recipients that performed a specific action, after a certain date (for example, you can contact only the customers who placed an order within the last two months).

How to do it?

Easily select your recipients, in the dropdown menu, according to the action you want to target. If you want to choose your recipients according to a specific time period, select “After a date”, and enter it in the appropriate field.

Customize email sender

You can enter the sender name you want in the appropriate field, while creating your messages.

Automated message sending

The automated message feature allows you to automatically send a message to your visitors after they performed a certain action.

You have the possibility to set a time period (in days/hours/minutes) for sending your message, from the moment the visitor performs the action.

If you modify or delete a message, the modifications will be instantly applied to all automated messages (in case of deletion, sending is automatically cancelled).

Order status is checked before automatic sending. For example, if you scheduled a cart abandonment email with a period of 1 day and 10 minutes, and if a visitor who had abandoned his/her cart eventually finalizes his/her order, the email sending is automatically cancelled.

Actions that can trigger an automated message

Here is the list of actions that can be defined as triggering an automated message:

  • Visitors who will subscribe to the newsletter
  • Member who will subscribe
  • Members who will post a forum message
  • Visitors who will send a comment
  • Visitors who will contact you
  • Visitors who will answer a specific form
  • Customers who will place an order
  • Customers who will place and pay an order
  • Customers who will place an order but won’t pay
  • Members who will abandon their cart, after 20 minutes (see our article about cart abandonment)
  • Customers who will buy a specific product
  • Customers who will buy any digital product
  • Customers who will buy a product of a specific category
  • Members of a group
  • ...

How to do it?

Create php website

Nothing easier: check the “Automated message” radio button, then, select the triggering action in the drop down list, and set the sending time from the moment the action is performed, by entering the number of days/hours/minutes, in the appropriate fields.

Features for email campaign creation

Create your email content / Attach files and links

With SiteW, your emails are fully responsive.

The text editor will allow you to create your email layout, insert images, and links to your website, or to documents available for download.
You can also attach files, stored on your SiteW file manager (deducted from your storage space), or hosted on an external service, in case you want to share larger files, for instance.

You can also attach a link to one of your website pages: the latter will be automatically protected, it will only be accessible to people who received the email.

How to manage the files and links attached to your emails?

In the “Protected attachments” section, you can add one or more files, file URLs, or links to a protected page of your website. You just need to click on the corresponding button.
You have the possibility to limit the number of uses of the links/URLs by recipient. To do so, you have two choices:

  • Set a maximum number of uses, under “Usage number limit”
  • Set an expiration date, under “Expiration”

Once the message has been sent, you have access to the list of active attachments (on the My Websites page, click on Blocks>Emailing>Protected attachments)

  • For every file, the number of uses is indicated, and you can view the download details (Status, Date, Time and IP).
  • You can remove access to a file earlier than planned.
  • You can increase the number of uses of your customers, by removing previous uses.

Management features for your emailing campaigns

Manage the messages you have created

The messages you send (campaigns or automated messages) are deducted from your monthly sending quota (see Offers).
To make the creation and management of email campaigns easier, you have access to the following features:

  • Creation of draft messages: email campaigns waiting to be sent, inactive automated messages, by clicking on Save or Save without activating
  • Duplication of messages (click on the Duplicate button, in Emailing>Orders)
  • Test: you can receive the message before sending it, or before activating an automated email, by clicking on Test.
  • Import of previously obtained email addresses, if you transferred your website from another provider. The email addresses must have been collected on your previous website, and used on a regular basis, in order to have a good reputation.

Manage your email statistics

Accessing your stats is essential, in order to have an overview of your email campaigns, to be able to improve your marketing strategy. You can view the following data:

  • Number of messages sent
  • Number of failures and failure rate
  • Number of openings
  • Number of clicked emails
  • Reputation optimization
  • The reputation features allow to prevent the messages you send from being classified as SPAM in the recipient’s mailbox. These features work on different levels:
  • Filtering of invalid email addresses
  • Opt-out link in emails
  • Automatic interruption in case there are too many failures, (this can happen if you don’t regularly contact your visitors and if they changed their email address in the meantime)
  • Compliance with GDPR: in the GDPR section of the form used to collect email addresses, you must indicate your intent to contact your visitors regularly or in an automated way

You now know everything about the advanced features allowing you to create, send, analyze and optimize your email campaigns, for your online business activities. Feel free to read our tips for optimizing your email campaigns, in order to take full advantage of these features, and increase your revenue!

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