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New improvements have been implemented to our Member block: it is now more modern and user-friendly and offers more freedom of use. There are many more customization possibilities to improve both your blocks’ appearance and features. You will also be able to select the pieces of information you want to collect from your visitors, when they subscribe to your website.

New functions for the Block Member

The appearance of the SiteW Member block has been improved in order to make its configuration easier and to make its use more flexible. The different customization options will allow you to make it better fit your website needs in terms of appearance and features. You can customize the appearance of your block, in the settings of the Design tab, after selecting your Member block, in order to create an overall custom style for all your Member blocks.The customization possibilities are as follows: icon color, background color, hover colors, size, rounded corners, addition of an icon or a text.

Our tip: Leave the button field empty, if you just want to display an icon.

Choose between 3 types of blocks

After selecting your block, you can choose, in the Content tab, among 3 block styles:

  • The old version of the block, which is not customizable.
  • A block in the form of a button, which displays the login form as a “dropdown label”.
  • A block in the form of a button, which displays the login form in a full screen window, that you can customize.

Management of the fields

Now, you have the possibility to select the information fields, that you want your visitors to fill in (first name, last name, city, phone number…). To do so:

  • On the website modification page, select your Member block.
  • In the Content tab, click on “Sign-up fields”.
  • In the Design tab (that opens automatically), click on “Fields management”.
  • Simply drag and drop the various fields to the following areas: “Fields I want” or “Fields I don’t want”.

Customize the registration/login window

To customize this popup window, you don’t need to select your block. You just have to go to the Design panel and to click on the “Member signup” button. Here are the possible options:

  • Management of the fields (as already mentioned)
  • Activation/deactivation of the newsletter subscription (To do so, check the desired option in the Content tab; this option is always present).
  • Addition of a logo
  • Customization of the sign up text and the login text (that will be displayed below the popup window title)
  • Customization of the background (color/gradient/image/texture)
  • Activation of GDPR (just like with the blocks)

Manage the subscription settings of your members

If you want to restrict member subscription only to “active” members, it is now possible to prevent your visitors from directly subscribing from the Member blocks. That way, they can just automatically subscribe, after placing an order in your online store, or after posting a message on your forum.

In the same way, you also have the possibility to offer your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter when they subscribe to your website (by checking the appropriate option in the Content tab).

You now have new configuration options for the Member block. You will be able to customize its appearance as well as its features. That way, it will perfectly fit your needs.

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Last update: August 30, 2022

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