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The SiteW Member block now enables you to have a clear and structured overview of all your website members. You now have access to a lot of additional information and new features that allow you to manage your members more effectively.

New features

Revamping of the Member section

  • The Member section now appears in the form of a table, in which you can find clickable links that allow you to view your member purchase and post history.
  • A search field has been added for you to be able to find the members you want more easily.
  • It is now possible to filter your search by groups, number of orders, etc. as well as to sort your members alphabetically or by registration date or by revenue.
  • You will also be able to manage the page navigation more easily: you can directly enter the page number that you want to go to, and you can set the maximum number of members displayed on a page.

Creation of the Group section

  • You have the possibility to create as many groups as you want and add as many members as you need to a group.
  • “Automatic” groups are created for visitors or members who placed an order on your online store or who made a post on your forum. This way, you have a clear and organized overview of all your customers and visitors.
  • You can also quickly create a group according to the filter parameters you want to apply, and you will have the possibility to download the list so obtained, in the CSV format.

New management functions for member groups

  • You will be able to restrict access to some pages for the groups of your choice. And you will also have the possibility to target your emails, by sending them only to specific member groups.

Additional information about your members

  • You will now have access to more personal details about your members: phone number, ZIP or postal code, address, city. But also to their number of purchases (total or paid), their revenue, as well as to their number of posts.

How to enable these new features?

As always at SiteW, you can manage these features very easily:

  • Go to the My website page
  • Click on Blocks
  • Click on Members
  • Click on the desired section (Members or Groups)

Features by section

For the Member section:

How to create a website using html 

By clicking on the Member section, you will be able to perform the following actions:

  • Create a member by clicking on the appropriate button and entering his name and email address (a password will be randomly generated and an email will automatically be sent to the email address you have provided)
  • Once you have checked one or more boxes, you will be able to choose between 2 options:
    • Delete the selected members.
    • Add (or remove) the selected (or from) one or more groups.
  • Click on the “Message bubble” or “Cart” icon of a member to view his posts and/or orders.
  • Use the first dropdown menu to search a member by group.
  • Filter your members by activity (number of posts/orders or revenue), by using the second dropdown menu.
  • Sort your members alphabetically or in ascending or descending order, according to their registration date, their number of orders or posts, by using the arrows at the top of the columns.
  • Search a member by entering his name/email address in the search field.
  • Click on the name or email address of a member to modify them.
  • Select all members by clicking on the box located on the top left corner of the table.
  • Obtain the personal information of a member (phone number, city, street, etc.), by hovering the mouse on his avatar. As well as his purchase data by placing the cursor on the “Cart” icon.

For the Group section:

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In the Group section, you will have the possibility to:

  • Create a new group.
  • Click on a group name to modify it.
  • Sort the groups alphabetically, by registration date or by number of members, by using the arrows at the top of the columns.
  • Search a group, by entering its name in the search field.
  • Check the groups that you want to delete.
  • Select all groups by clicking on the box located on the top left corner of the table.
  • Click on the “Eye” icon to display all the members of a group.
  • Quickly delete a group, by using the “Red cross” icon.

You now have many new possibilities, to view and organize your website members. That way, you will know your customers and visitors better, but you will also be able to target them better for your email campaigns. Improve your communication strategy!

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