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Pro Email Address

Small business/Association, 10 pro email addresses (ex: included with the Pro SiteW websites.  Simple: no new software to use, you check your emails from your current email account or mail software.

Create a Pro website with a domain name

Create a website with a domain name by using the Premium or the Pro package, so that you can choose an email address for your domain name. Read the website creations review to choose the package that fits you best.

Choosing your professional email address

Once your website is created and your domain name reserved, an email address is automatically created, which sends the emails back to your subscription address with SiteW. You can modify the email address of your website as well as the receiving email address by visiting the page My websites. You can then receive your emails to the account of your choice without having to use a new email account.

Responding to the emails

When you respond to the emails that you receive on your pro email, the sender's address shown is your personal address. You can modify this in most email accounts. Thus, when you write a new email or respond to one you received, your recipients will respond to your pro email address.

With an Hotmail, Outlook, MSN or Live email address

To send a message with a different email address: please follow this guide.

With a Yahoo email address

To send messages with your pro mail: 

  1. Login to your Yahoo account and go to webmail.
  2. Choose Options and Mail Options, Mail Account.
  3. Click on Add or modify an account, then on add
  4. Choose an account name, then a sender's name and the SiteW email.
  5. Ignore the step configure the mail server by clicking on the button ignore.
  6. Click on Send the verification and validate your address by clicking on the link you received.
  7. You can then choose this professional email address when creating a new email.

You can also follow the steps Create extra email addresses.

With a GMail address

This service used to be available but it is unfortunately no longer the case.

With an Orange address or Other

Orange does not offer this service at the moment. We advise you to create a Yahoo address with which you will be able to get the sender selection service as well as many other services adapted to the management of your professional emails.

Last update: November 18, 2018