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Pro Email Address

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Web templateSmall business/Association, 10 pro email addresses (ex: included with the Pro SiteW websites.  Simple: no new software to use, you check your emails from your current email account or mail software.

Create a Pro website with a domain name

Create a website with a domain name by using the Premium or the Pro package, so that you can choose an email address for your domain name. Read the website creations review to choose the package that fits you best.

Choosing your professional email address

Once your website is created and your domain name registered, an email address is automatically created. you can modify and create other email addresses for your website, by going to the My Domains page, and clicking on “Mail”. This guide is only about “mailboxes”, and not about email forwardings. We recommend that you create mailboxes, to make sure you receive all messages. You can read and send emails:

  • via your email software
  • via a free email solution like Gmail, Outlook, or any solution that allows to import emails from another account via POP/IMAP/SMTP.

Send and receive emails

Use an email software

To do so, follow your software instructions for adding an account, by using the login information, on My Domains>Mail>Mail application setup.

Use Gmail to receive your domain emails

To receive your domain emails on Gmail, follow the following steps:

  • Go to your Gmail account

  • Click on the cogwheel, at the top of the application, then on “Settings”, and go to the “Accounts” tab.

  • Click on “Add another email account”. A new window opens.

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  • Enter here your domain email address.

  • Then enter the POP server configuration. You will find this information in “Mail application setup”, on My Domains>Mail. Make sure to leave the box: “Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server” unchecked. Otherwise, your SiteW inbox will be saturated.

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  • Once this step is completed, select “Yes” for sending emails with your SiteW email address. Then, click on “Next”.

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  • Leave the “Treat as an alias” box checked, then click on “Next step”.

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  • Enter now the SMTP information: you will find this information in the same place as the POP information. Then click on “Add an account”.

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Lastly, enter the confirmation code that you received by email (in this Gmail account).You can now send and receive SiteW emails, in your Gmail application.

To receive messages on your smartphone, use the Gmail application on your phone.

Receive your domain emails in your Outlook account

Outlook allows to receive your domain emails in your existing email account, or in a new Outlook account. You will find everything about adding an account in this guide.
Once in your Outlook account, follow the following steps:

  • Click on the cogwheel, to access your account settings, then on “View all Outlook settings”

  • Then go to the "Mail" section, and click on “Sync email”

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  • Click on “Other email accounts”, and enter the SiteW email address that you want to add, then check the box: “Manually configure account settings (POP, IMAP, or send only account)”.

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  • On the next step, select “POP/SMTP connection settings”. You will find the required information in “Mail application setup”, on My Domains>Mail. Make sure to uncheck the box: “Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server”, otherwise your SiteW inbox will be saturated.

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You can now receive and send SiteW emails from your Outlook account.

To receive emails on your smartphone, use the Microsoft Outlook application on your phone.

Last update: March 23, 2020

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