How to add a traffic checker to your website?

August 30, 2022 - Aziliz Prébois

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When you create a website, it is important to attract visitors. Adding a website traffic checker to your website allows you to follow your visits in real time, but also to share these figures with your visitors. Our Premium and Pro users can easily add this type of widget to their SiteW website with our Widget/HTML block. This way they can improve their website and increase their website visitor statistics.

When you manage a website, increasing traffic to your website is a goal you must constantly work on. To make your website more attractive and thus increase your number of visitors, you have to improve your SEO and promote your blog/site. Adding a free website traffic checker to your site allows you to see your website visitor statistics and also to publicly display your number of visitors. First of all, it is a fun gadget and it also enables you to create a connection with your visitors. If you are a professional, you’d rather go to Google Analytics, for more precise website visitor statistics.

You want to add a free hit counter to your website? It is as easy as ABC with SiteW.

increase traffic to your website
It is easy to add a website traffic checker to your website

Follow these simple steps:

  • Select the widget you want,
  • Create your account by filling in the required fields,
  • Click on Generate code,
  • Simply copy the given code and paste it into a SiteW Widget/HTML block.
how to increase web traffic
Improve your website with a website traffic checker

You can also go to and follow the steps below to add a free hit counter:

  • Choose your widget design
  • Select the required information and enter the optional information
  • Click on Get widget
  • Copy and paste the given code in a widget/HTML block

You now know how you can easily add a free website traffic checker to make your website more attractive and thus increase your number of vistors. Go for it!

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Last update: August 30, 2022

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