Public files: how to add them to your website?

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With a view to improving our service, we present you our latest innovation, concerning the upload of music, video and image files.

Our technical team has worked to offer you the possibility to upload any public file from a great number of sharing platforms and add them to your website.

Thus our Video, Image and Music blocks will offer you now even more customization possibilities.

How does it work?

Video block:
You can download your personal files, or public files from the two video sharing platforms: Youtube and Dailymotion.

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To do so, you have several options.
If you want to search a Youtube video, start with selecting Youtube on the left of the file selector. Then you’ll be able to search your video by keyword, Youtube user or by the video URL itself. You will then have the possibility to classify the results by relevance, view count, title, date or rating.

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If you want to search a Dailymotion video, select Dailymotion on the left. You’ll then be able to search your video by title, user or by “Id” (the “Id” is the right part of the video URL).

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Image block:
You can upload your personnal files on your website, from your computer. To do so, start with selecting My Cloud files at the top left of the File selector. Then click on Upload files and choose the file(s) you want to store on your SiteW account.

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To use royalty-free files, click on Public files on top of the file selector. You’ll then be able to choose among the 4 sharing platforms proposed:
Pixabay allows you to search by keyword and to choose your type of image: vectors, illustrations or photos. You will be able to check the High resolution and the Pixabay's choice options to ensure getting pictures of higher quality.
allows you to search by keyword, pseudo or e-mail address.
With Openclipart, you can enter your keywords in the search field.
Music block:
Here again, you have several options.
You can upload your personal files by clicking on My Cloud files, then on Upload files.
You can also use some public music files from the specific platform Soundcloud. To do so, start with clicking on Public files on top of the File selector. Then, enter your keyword in the search field (artist name, song title...)

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Here you are well equipped to build the website of your dreams! You can now create some attractive and diversified content that your readers will love!

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