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After having created your website, you can easily add a slideshow to it: this allows you to easily improve your website, by enhancing it in no time. It is a great tip to follow if you have pictures to showcase, or to highlight your products if you own an online shop. To easily and quickly insert a slideshow into your SiteW website, you just need to visit a website offering this type of service for free and then to use our Widget/HTML block.

You can for instance go to the website Kizoa and follow the steps below:

  • Click on Try it now
  • Choose a predefined template or click on From scratch
  • Add your photos of choice
  • Select your transitions, effects, animations, text, as well as your music, by clicking on the various tabs
  • Create your Kizoa account, in order to be able to save your creation
  • Click on Embed into a blog to get the HTML code


You can also go to the website Cincopa and perform the following steps:

  • Select your skin
  • Create your Cincopa account
  • Customize the slideshow you have chosen (title, description, thumbnail size, hover options, etc.)
  • Upload your files
  • Add a caption to your pictures if desired
  • Copy the given HTML code and insert it into the SiteW Widget block

Here you are ready to add any kind of slideshow to your website. Be creative!

Last update: March 18, 2021

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