Easily Add Terms And Conditions To Your Website

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Terms and Conditions set regulations everyone must follow to use your website, and give information about your company. On a website, Terms and Conditions are also called Terms of Use, Terms of Service or Disclaimer. It is recommended to have a Terms and Conditions agreement on your website. With its specific function, SiteW helps you add your own Terms of use and Privacy Policy to your website.

How to create Terms of use for your website?

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By clicking on the new tab “Terms of use” - available in your website settings, you can now easily edit the Terms and Conditions of your website.
You can either write your own Terms and Conditions, or just fill in the proper form, that will allow you to create them automatically.
A terms of service agreement will generally contain information about the following topics:

  • Definition of specific words used
  • User rights and responsibilities (about usage, privacy policy, payment, opt-out policy, process in case of dispute...)
  • Disclaimer or limitation of liability

You can also add your contact details, as well as any information about you or your company. The content of Terms and Conditions depends on the country you live in. So it is important to find out about what is recommended or mandatory in your own country or state.

Privacy policy

If you have inserted a forum, an online-shop, a contact form, or if you have added a Newsletter or a Comment block to your website, you may be collecting personal information from your visitors. In that case, the Privacy Policy is mandatory by law. According to the country (or state) you live in, there are different laws on personal data collection.
SiteW will help you by automatically displaying the contact details of your website host.
Once fulfilled, the Terms and Conditions of your website will be publicly accessible. They will be displayed at the bottom of your website pages.

You now know how to create your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, and you will be able, by using the Sitew specific function, to easily insert them into your website.

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