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The SiteW technical team is trying everyday to make the website creation tool even more intuitive and user-friendly. For you to easily make your website more beautiful and more effective. Our latest improvement: the color picker tool, that will allow you to choose the colors of your widget and to add transparency to your web design.

beautiful custom web design

Here is how you can create a beautiful custom web design for your website:

Add a background image to your website:

  • In the website creation tool, click on the Pages tab
  • Click either on the background page or on any page you want
  • Click then on the Design tab, then on Background image
  • Choose or upload your image
  • Validate by clicking on Apply
Easy web design

To add a transparent frame or background to your website:

  • Select the desired shape
  • Select the desired options (Full width, gradient, orientation...)
  • Choose your color(s) in only one click with the color picker tool and select the degree of transparency using the slider on the right
color picker for your web design

We are sure that you will love using these tools to customize your website design the way you want! Enjoy your creating!

Yasmina Souidi
Content Manager Junior
My passion for the Web urged me to SEO and content creation. Curious and meticulous, I work as a Content Manager Junior at SiteW. 🌱

Last update: August 31, 2022

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