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New functionalities are now available in the file selector: move files from one folder to another, preview YouTube videos and Flash animations, view file type icons...

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The file selector now allows you to preview your files:

when your mouse is over a file, you can either preview it and access its details delete it or move it How to create a dynamic website to another folder.


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Under the preview, 2 commands allow you to either delete or move this file to another folder.


The previewing is available for the images stored in SiteW or in Flickr and also for the YouTube videos and Flash animations.

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YouTube Videos Flash Animations


How to create a dynamic website

To reorder or delete several files at once, select them, then click on the "Show" button on the left of the selected files. To move several files to another folder, use the grid on the left of the selected files.

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Finally, in order to create a website easily and rapidly, the files which do not have a thumbnail have a custom icon depending on their file type. Thus, you can find more easily the file you want to insert on your website(1).

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(1) To add a link to a downloadable document, please refer to the question "2. How can I insert a PDF, Word, Powerpoint,... for download on my website?" of the FAQ:

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