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Our website edition tool has improved again and this can make things much simpler and may help you save time. From now on you can select several blocks at once, in order to move them, duplicate them or delete them.

How to select the blocks?

It is very easy, you have two possibilities. Either you drag the mouse over the blocks you want to select. All the blocks located underneath the translucent blue rectangle will be selected.

create website multiselect tool


Or you can select your blocks one by one for more precision by holding the CTRL key down. The selectionable blocks are highlighted as soon as you press the CTRL key.

How to deselect the blocks?

Here again, you have two options. You can either deselect your blocks one by one by clicking on them while holding the CTRL key down, or uncheck them in the blue panel on the left of your screen.

selection tool website creation


Once your blocks are selected, you’ll be able to move them easily with your mouse. You’ll also have the possibility to move them while pushing the blocks located below, to move them to another page, to delete them or to duplicate them using the bottom toolbar in the blue panel on the left of your screen.


  • Move the mouse anywhere on the page (without clicking)
  • press the Cmd key: all the blocks you can select will be highlighted with a light blue frame.
  • This does not mean they are selected, it means they are selectable.
  • While keeping the Cmd key pressed, select the desired blocks one by one, by left-clicking with the mouse. All selected blocks will be highlighted with a dark blue frame.
  • Release the Cmd key
  • Move the mouse within the dark blue frame and left click, and while holding the left click, move all selected elements.

Enjoy it!

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Last update: September 01, 2022

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