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SiteW offers even more free storage to its users by allowing them to use Dropbox, directly from the website modification tool: store your documents, images and videos and share all your files with your website visitors, in just one click!


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Easy and quick access to your files

With the Download block, you will get instant access to:

  • The files stored on your Dropbox account

Secure management of your file access rights

To make things easier for you, the access rights of your files are automatically managed (after your confirmation):

  • Your Dropbox documents will be accessible in read-only mode to people with the link (by using the Download block added beforehand to your website).

More storage for every SiteW user

Once in the SiteW file manager, you will instantly be able to:

  • Send documents, videos or photos to your Dropbox account and use them.
  • Create folders in Dropbox to organize your files.

The privacy of your files is fully protected

The files and folders already present in your Dropbox account can't be modified nor deleted by SiteW. However, in order to make your file management easier, SiteW has created a folder named “SiteW”, in which you will be able to store, modify and delete your documents directly on

How to use Dropbox on SiteW?

You can manage everything very easily from the SiteW file manager:

  • First click on the new Dropbox icon that appears on the My Cloud files tab, in order to access the service
  • Once the connection has been established, all your documents are listed on the screen. You can select them to insert them into your website.
  • You can also upload your files, simply using your mouse, just like you usually do.

SiteW broadens its variety of services and enlarges its website creation possibilities, allowing you to use a large number of platforms: you now have the possibility to use Dropbox on SiteW, which offers you even more free storage and makes it even easier for you to create your own website.

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Last update: September 01, 2022

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