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Your website is now connected to Google Calendar and Google Maps, to keep on improving your user experience. From now on, you can share, in just a few clicks, your personal calendars, as well as any public calendar. In addition, we have improved our file manager, which allows you to display on your website the maps that you have customized on Google Drive...

New functions available

Easily share your files

The Map and Calendar blocks give you the possibility to share on your website:

  • the maps stored in your Google Drive account
  • the calendars that you have created on your Google Calendar account, as well as the calendars made available to you by other users.

Automatic management of access rights

To make you save time, the access rights of your files are automatically managed, after confirmation:

  • When you add a map to your Google Drive account, it will be available in read-only mode, only for the users who have the link.
  • As far as your personal calendars are concerned, their privacy status will automatically change to “Public” so that they can be displayed on your website.

How to use these functions?

As for the maps, everything can be managed very easily, from the SiteW file manager:

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  • Start with clicking on the Google Drive icon, located under the My Cloud files tab.
  • Then, use the button to login to the service
  • Once the connection is active, all the stored maps will be displayed
  • Upload your files by dragging them with the mouse, just like you usually do.

To use Google Calendar, just follow the steps below:

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  • Click on the Google Calendar tab, only available for the calendars that have been created using this service. That way, you access the service that enables to add calendars.
  • Then click on the button that allows to login to the service.
  • Once the connection has been authorized, all the calendars will appear on the screen.
  • That way, you can select the ones you want to display and preview them.
  • Finally, you can validate your selection, in order to add the events to your SiteW calendar.

To conclude, SiteW allows you to have easier access to Google Tools for your website creation, for you to quickly improve your website and to share your data with your visitors, even more easily.

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Last update: August 27, 2020

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