Redesign your SiteW inbox totally

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In order to make your SiteW email management easier, your Inbox, which you access by clicking on the Messages button, on the My websites page, has been entirely reshaped. So that you can save time, and gain in efficiency!

Email management has been made more user-friendly

Your SiteW account inbox allows you to keep yourself updated with the new features of the website creation tool (via the newsletters, for instance), as well as to manage some of your blocks, like your comments, your online shop, your forum, or even your website members. SiteW has developed many new features, allowing you to manage, more easily and quickly, the messages related to your website.

New features for your SiteW inbox

Automatic sorting of your emails

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Several features will allow you to have a clear and quick overview of your messages:

  • Color label for each message: different colored labels are automatically added to your SiteW messages (newsletter, tips...), as well as to the emails related to your blocks (form, forum…).
  • Deletion of emails made easier: you can manually select your emails, by checking the boxes located in the table, in order to delete them in just one click.
  • Gathering of duplicate messages: if a message is sent to several recipients, there will only be one line in the list of messages. The duplicate messages are still accessible, in the list of recipients, located at the top of the opened email.

Quick search feature

You have the possibility to quickly find any message, by using the search bar located at the top of your message list. You can search by:

  • keyword
  • sender
  • label

Answering to emails made easier

It is now possible to directly answer your messages by using the Reply button, located at the top of the opened email. If the email was sent by SiteW (Newsletter, information email…), the page “Contact us” will open. If the message is from one of your blocks, you will be automatically directed to your inbox application.

With the new features of your SiteW account inbox, you have a quick, clear and effective overview of your emails, and you can manage them more easily. Don’t hesitate to use these tools to manage your websites more efficiently!

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Last update: September 01, 2022

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