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All the websites (Starter, Premium and Pro) can now create protected pages which can only be readable by the visitors who paid for the access.

How does it work?
Thanks to and, you can protect access to a page of your website, while earning money!
Only those who have paid for access via Allopass can see your content! The payment is done either by a simple phone call or by credit card. Your visitors will then get a code which can be used to access your protected page during 24 hours. For each payment, your Allopass account is automatically credited.

Rates and outpayments
7 rates are available, from less than 2€ to 50€.
Depending on your website package, your account is credited from 50% to 95% of the Allopass outpayment. The table below shows the price paid by your visitor and the outpayment credited on your account.

1 code (about 1,68€)* ~0.49€ ~0.79€ ~0.94€
2 codes (about 3.36€)*
~0.99€ ~1.58€ ~1.88€
10€ by Credit card
3.56€ 5.69€ 6.75€
20€ by Credit card 7.11€ 11.37€ 13.50€
30€ by Credit card 10.66€ 17.06€ 20.25€
40€ by Credit card 14.21€ 22.74€ 27.00€
50€ by Credit card 17.77€ 28.43€ 33.76€

*The prices of the phone calls depend on the visitor's country. For more information on the outpayments, please check the page:

How to do it
Allopass page protectionProtecting a page with SiteW and Allopass is really easy.
You first need to sign-up on Allopass: Once your account is created, go to the page "My Profile" and note your Merchant ID. This is the number we use to automatically credit your account.

Then, on, go to the site building tool (on the page My websites, click on the Modify site button) and select the page you want to make private. Click on in the bottom tool bar and select Protection, then Payment.

Enter your Allopass Merchant ID and choose the price the visitors will have to pay to access this page.
The last step is to publish your website.

You can now visit your website and you will notice that you can not see the content of your protected page unless you enter a code which can be easily bought with Once a valid code is entered, your visitor has access to this page during 24 hours.

Several pages can be configured to require a payment, with different prices. However, we advise you to keep the first page of your site public, to explain what can be seen on your protected pages. The more your explanations will be accurate and clear, the more they will be convinced!

Last update: March 13, 2017