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How To Create A One-Page Website With SiteW?

Creating a one-page website is a relatively new trend. It is very effective if you only have a little content to add, if your website aims at fulfilling a specific marketing purpose (presentation of a product or service, subscription to a newsletter, registration for an event..) or if you want to create a showcase website. SiteW offers you easy-to-use tools, to build the different sections of your one-page website.

Fix the menu of your one-page website

SiteW offers you a feature that allows you to fix the menu of your one-page website. That way, the menu will always stay at the top of the page, while scrolling.

Create sections for your one-page website

With the full width option, you will be able to easily define the different sections of your one-page website, whether it be by using an Image block, a Box block or even a separator.

Build a one-page Website on SiteW

Here is how to proceed, step by step, to build your one-page website with SiteW:

Create your fixed menu

  • Go to the background page
  • Add a Box block to the top of your website
  • Enable the full width option by checking it in the Design tab, once you have selected your block.
  • Right-click on the block and activate the feature “Fixed position” in the context menu.
  • On the strip created, add a Menu block and fix it in the same way.
  • Select the menu block and then check the "Ignore page level" option on the  design panel :
Web template

Build the sections of your one-page website

  • Go back to your main page
  • Add a Box or an Image block
  • Enable once again the Full width option in the Design tab and lock the block in the context menu (right click)
  • Insert your content into the block

Define internal links (anchors)

  • Add an anchor per section: to do so, right-click and select the menu “internal link” by checking “This block is a target”
  • Name your anchor (in the field “Internal link name”) and add it to the appropriate menus, by checking them in the context menu.

Once you have added your anchors, check their order in the menu:

  • Select the menu and click on the button “Manage pages” in the blue panel on the left of the screen.
  • Drag and drop the anchors with the mouse to order them the way you want.
  • Lastly, define the size and position of your menu with the mouse
Our tip-top tip
Add an Image block with the Full width option on, and enable the Parallax feature in the settings in order to obtain a very trendy 3D effect!


You now know how to easily build a one-page website that will allow you to fulfill your marketing purposes. Get to your keyboard!

Last update: March 23, 2020