Choosing images for your website : how to proceed ?

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Create free blogWith SiteW Image block, you can easily illustrate your texts and customize your website. It is essential to illustrate your website to entertain your readers and make your website more attractive. SiteW gives you some tips to choose images for your website.

Your homepage images are essential, for this is what your visitors will first see and they may have an impact on your first-time visitors and influence their decision whether to stay on your website or leave.

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  • Try to be original. Don’t be afraid to get personally involved: a custom picture is always more attractive than a generic picture which your visitors have already seen several times.

  • Update your pictures, refresh you website; show that it is regularly maintained.

  • Remember that webpages with long texts can be tedious and may bore your visitors who may leave your page before they finish reading it. Adding pictures may allow you to make your page more enjoyable to read.

  • Use dynamic images which convey energy and a positive message.

choose pictures for your blog
  • Also keep in mind that your images should match your website’s overall design.

  • Do not use heavy images which may increase your page download time: 72 dpi is enough for a website. Moreover the speed of your website will be taken into account by search machines.

  • Your images matter for your SEO. Make sure to fill in the alt attributes, and add titles and captions to your images.

  • Choose images which represent your activity or your website topic. And you should favor emotional pictures which lead your visitors to get involved.

choose images for your website
  • As far as format is concerned, you can choose the PNG format for graphic designs (like logos) or designs with text or images with transparency. Photographies should be in JPEG format.

  • Don’t add too many pictures. Keep on focusing on text content and keep in mind that your pictures must remain relevant and add value to your website

  • Use images with human subjects if possible, because your visitors will identify more easily.

pictures photos for your website
  • Pictures must be high quality and not be blurred or pixelated.

  • Adjust your image to fit as needed. For example, the banner of your website won’t have the same format as a background image or an image to illustrate an article.

  • Don’t forget that you can customize your pictures and improve them by editing them. To do so, you can resort to free online tools. Don’t hesitate to read our guide 10 online services to edit my own pictures

  • Be careful when you collect images from the Internet: some of them are not royalty free and it is not legal to use them, especially for commercial use, for they are protected by copyright. To learn more about this, read our guide How can I find pictures on the Internet? You will learn where to find free royalty-free pictures on the Internet.

You now know how to choose the right pictures for your website/blog: maybe it is the right time to update your website!


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