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create a website, search enginesMore than 90 % of people around the world use Google. 20 billion websites are visited by Google every day and 3.3 billion search requests are made on a daily basis! Those figures are impressive and nowadays no search engine can compete with Internet giant Google. However there exist several alternative search engines which you can use depending on your needs. Here is SiteW’s selection.

search engines of other kind

Tineye is an inverted search engine. You only need to upload your picture and tineye uses its characteristics to find the website(s) where it is used. This allows you find the source of a picture.

Statpage is a search engine using Google results without collecting any personal information (ip address, cookies).

Ecosia is an environment-friendly search engine: the german company gives 80% of its revenue to a rainforest rescue program in Brazil. This search engine is ideal for all environment-related search requests.

Millionshort allows you to access less popular pages. This search engine allows you to remove up to the 1st million results.

Wolframalpha allows you to directly ask questions about various topics (historical figures, sciences, mathematics) and to simply read the corresponding answer.

Goodsearch is a search engine which gives half its revenue to charities chosen by its users.

alternative search engines

Duckduckgo In addition to protecting your personal data (it doesn’t track ip addresses or search requests), Duckduckgo is a metasearch engine. It uses the results of more than 50 search engines including Bing, Yahoo or Wolframalpha.

Yacy is a search engine which has the particularity to be peer to peer. It requires a software download. So you can make search requests and also feed a network composed of the users. This system allows the search engine to be fully decentralized. Your search requests are not tracked and your privacy is respected.

Mysciencework allows scientists or students to share their works, post conference dates or science-related job openings.

No matter if you wish to use an alternative search engine to protect your personal data, make more precise search requests, access rare information or simply because you are curious, you now know what website to visit.

Aziliz Prébois
SEO & Content Manager
I am Breton and you can contact me if you want to talk about Kouign-Amann, a Breton speciality, or SEO. Sharing motivates me, and my discoveries will have no secret for you.

Last update: December 17, 2020

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