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May 10, 2023 - Yasmina Souidi

2 minutes

You can test, for free and with no time limit, all features, directly on your current free website, in order to have a precise idea of what your website would be like, if you changed your package. This way, you will be confident when upgrading.


How to create a website using asp.net



All functions available in test mode for every package

On the website creation page, you can use all the website creation functions, including the features, identified by the symbol Create free: for example, you can create an unlimited number of pages on your website, enable a video background, add a forum or a FAQ-section, etc.

The features will only be visible by yourself: your visitors will only see your website according to the package you subscribed to. For example, the pages created in test mode (in addition to the 5 pages included in the Starter package), won’t be shown, and the blocks won’t appear online.

Preview of the tested features

You can preview your website with all the features enabled, by clicking on the preview button, on the website creation page (eye icon in the toolbar, on the top-left corner of the screen). In the preview tab, a banner will be shown that will allow you to see the public version of your website (which corresponds to your current package, and doesn’t contain the features), and also the test version of your website (which corresponds to what your visitors would see if you upgraded your package).

When publishing your website, a summary will appear that lists all your test functions, which won’t display online, in the published version of your website.

Our offers are even more flexible

If you own a website, when your subscription comes to an end, you can choose between various options: renew it, upgrade, change your options, renew only your domain (but not your website), delete your website, or go back to a free plan. In the last case, all your content will be saved in the website creation tool, but it won’t be publicly visible anymore.


Don’t hesitate to insert additional pages, a contact form or a Comment block, for example.

You won’t have any more doubt when upgrading your package to create a more comprehensive and professional website: SiteW offers you the possibility to test all the features available, on your website, and to view the result in the preview mode. It’s free and with no time limit, so go for it!

Yasmina Souidi
Content Manager Junior
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Last update: May 10, 2023