How to use the Button block?

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You know that call-to-action buttons are important on your website. They will enable you to encourage your visitors to visit your store, buy your products, read information, take part in discussions, send you a message… These buttons also enable you to make your website browsing easier and enhance user experience. The Button block enables you to create and customize your call-to-action buttons in just a few clicks.

button block

Create a call-to-action button

On the editor, first, add a Button block by dragging and dropping the icon on your page.

From the left blue panel, it will be possible to:

  • Choose a link for your button. You can add an email address, an external URL or one of your pages from the dropdown menu.

  • Define your button text.

  • Click on the Design button to customize your button style.

button customization

Customize your button style

Once you have chosen your button, from the green Design panel:

  • Select your button type or create your own button style. To that end, go to Choose a style > My styles > Create a new style.

To customize your button, click on Choose a style > Edit the main style. Then you can:

  • Choose your text size.

  • Select your text colour. Opt for a colour of the palette or a custom colour.

  • Define your button colours in the same way as above.

  • Set your button radius thanks to the small ruler or input field.

  • Use the same method to choose the padding and borders.

  • Click on Add an icon to add an icon to your button.

button configuration

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