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You know the importance of the calls to action for your website: these buttons allow you to incite your visitors to buy your products, to read certain information, to participate in a conversation, to send you a message etc. They also improve your website navigation and your user-experience. The SiteW Button block allows you to create and customize your callato-action buttons in just a few clicks.

add button to website

Create a call to action button

Once you are on the website creation page, start with inserting a Button block by drag and dropping the icon on your page.

In the blue panel on the left, you can:

  • By default, the button text has a fixed size that you can change, by using the appropriate slider. You can also uncheck the option, in order to deactivate the fixed size, to get an automatic size. That way, the font size will adjust to the button dimensions.
  • Set the button link either by entering an email address or an external web address or by selecting one of your website pages in the dropdown menu
  • Define the button text
  • Click on the Design button in order to customize your button
create and customize call to action buttons

Customize your button

In the green Design panel, once your button is selected:

  • The Examples button allows you to view and use predefined examples and to load their configuration
  • Select the Button type you want

Type 1: Create website icon

Type 2:   Website creation software

Type 3:    Create banner for website

Type 4:    How to create a website wikihow

Type 5:    How to create a website using asp.net

Type 6:    How to create a website using php

  • Select the Font of your button in the dropdown menu
  • Select your Text color by using the color selector or by directly entering your color code in the input field
  • Select your Button color in the same way
  • Set the Border radius using the slider or the input field
  • Define the Spacing between the text and the button border as well as the Border width in the same way
  • Check the Add an icon box in order to add an icon to your button
button example
The Button at the bottom will allow you to go back to the block main settings.
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