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SiteW is an online website builder. You only need an internet connection to create a website, whether it be personal or professional. You can manage everything entirely online. Without downloading anything.


SiteW website creator is designed to be user-friendly and is perfect for people who want to make a website, even though they don’t have any technical knowledge. With Drag and Drop, it is very easy to move your website elements, using your mouse.


All the tools needed to efficiently make your website are present: perfect alignment between blocks, multiple selection feature, page and block cloning, background blocks, ...


Your website and your files are stored in our high-performing worldwide redundant Cloud infrastructure. Moreover, your account is protected by a password and you are the only one to be able to update your website.

Always improving

The SiteW team continually works to improve the website creator by enhancing it on a regular basis for free. And by using the latest innovative technologies.


Unlimited fast hosting

Enjoy unlimited webpages, unlimited traffic, unlimited number of visits, heavy storage and high speed Internet. We take care of the management of your website to offer you the best and fastest web hosting without you having to understand technical details.

Ad free

We do not display ads on your website, but you can set your own if you like.

High availability

Our servers are monitored 24h/24 7d/7 with technicians ready to take care of unlikely incidents within a minute. Our network is protected against Denial of service attacks (DDOS) with an automatic filtering of malicious requests. This results in more than 99.9% availability of your website.


Add, modify and store your images in your SiteW file manager. You can upload your personal files on your website directly from your computer. You will also be able to find images from your personal cloud service or by searching royalty free image banks.

Photo gallery

The Gallery block allows to showcase your images and photos beautifully (many display options available: grid, carrousel, slide show, ...).

Videos and music

You can display your videos using the two video sharing platforms Youtube and Dailymotion, let's them autostart, loop, ... Add a music player to play your MP3 or SoundCloud public music and playlist. Add background music to your website and give your visitors a highly enjoyable experience.

Any file

You can add any file you want to your website for example: PDF, MP3, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, ZIP, ...

Content protection

Protect some images or your whole website content (including texts) from being easily copied when your website is visited.

Protected pages

We allow to restrict access to some pages, either through a password, a mobile payment, or by restricting to your website members (all members or some of them).

Community website

Beautiful Blog

Create a full blog beautiful and totally customizable, or add a blog area to your website. Publish unlimited articles and interact with your visitors with comments.


Engage your customers and your prospects by letting them subscribe on your website and creating your own marketing campaigns.


The Member block allows your visitors to subscribe to your site. They can access their account to follow their orders, modify their account information and access pages you restricted to members.


Your visitors can easily add comments to your site. The block contains all the features you need to make your website interactive and attractive. Why not create a guestbook webpage?

Contact form

You can offer your visitors the opportunity to send you emails directly from your website! Moreover, you can collect personal details to keep in touch with your prospects and know better your customers.


The Forum block is ideal for those who want to create a website for a non-profit organization. It allows your visitors to have talks on your website, to give their opinion about a particular topic for example.

Facebook apps

Several facebook tools are available to insert on your website to grow your fan number.

Social sharing

It is easy with SiteW, to let your visitor share your website, your online store products and your blog articles on 100+ social networks.

Google maps

Your visitors can find your location instantly by visiting your website. You just need to add a map, a position, a cursor and message. You can even insert shapes and custom markers.

Apps, HTML and external services

You can add any embeddable content from external services as HTML code. This will allow to extend the features of your website and add specific third party apps to your website. That way you will be able to make your website totally unique. Examples of such services can be embedding a video streaming service, animations, payment buttons, custom forms, a calendar, a weather widget, ...


Showcase your products in just one click

Create an online store and add unlimited products in just a few clicks. Your online shop is instantly online and ready to welcome new customers.

Product options

Add options to your webstore products. For instance, you can offer different sizes and colors for each one of your onlineshop products.

Payment methods

Your online store accepts most payment methods with no commission: order form, check, bank transfer, Paypal and credit card. We can also integrate any bank or payment provider solution upon request.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs are automatically calculated with a highly configurable method (using order weight, number of products, cart amount percentage or stages, ...) and extremely easily.

Order tracking

Easily and efficiently manage your ecommerce website with SiteW order tracking. You can access your order list and view every order status (paid, sent, canceled, etc.).

Customer relationship

For each order, you can keep in touch with your customer with the order conversation history.

Product search

With the effective search field, your visitors will be able to easily and quickly find products and categories on your webstore. This will remove obstacles to buying, while improving user-experience.


SiteW offers you marketing tools to help you improve your webshop. You can create a discount anytime: you can define the duration of a discount, add crossed out prices, create a coupon codes with different conditions.

Automatic stock

Enable the display of the stock so that your customers know if items are available for purchase. Stocks can be automatically updated when an order is received and a product management page allows you to keep track and update all of your stock efficiently.

Automatic billing

This feature provides the creation of a bill with VAT display, whether automatically or on customer request.


Our solution is configurable with your country currency.

Mobile and tablets

Responsive website

Our tool has been designed to enable you to create a responsive website that is modern and elegant on any device.

Customize your website display

You can resize, organize, add and hide all the elements you want on any device. You can thus offer your visitors a perfect mobile experience on your website.

Navigation bar

The modern, handy and user-friendly mobile bar allows you to quickly connect to you (via phone call, email address, map navigation, ...).

Domain name and emails

Domain registration

Get your own domain name easily with a vast choice of domain extensions and name suggestions. The domain is then automatically setup to display your website in secured mode (HTTPS).

External domain

If you already own a domain, we help you set-it up for your SiteW website. We can deal directly with your previous provider for a seamless website transition or you can follow the personalized instructions to configure or transfer your domain.

Theft protection

SiteW takes care of renewing your domain each year and thus prevents your domain and website content from being stolen.

Pro Email Address

Once you have chosen your domain, you can create email addresses associated with it. Your customers will thus be able to write you at this address and you will have the possibility to use your pro email address as sender. No complex mailbox setup needed, since we directly forward messages to the email address of your choice.

Third party email manager

Setup a google mailbox or use any email marketing provider.

Advanced configuration

SiteW provides you with an interface that allows you to manage your domain DNS.


Customizable templates

The customizable templates of SiteW come in different colors and will allow you to create a website adapted to your goals. Better than complex and specific designs, we provide simple designs you can customize to your specific needs through the use of images and other graphical elements. What makes SiteW so powerful is the ability to freely place your content anywhere on your page by stacking blocks on the page without creative limits.

Graphical elements

Use the Widget blocks to add shapes, shadings, titles with custom fonts, custom buttons, etc. to your site. Customize your website favicon displayed in the tab bar of your browser.

Background image

Create a website and change the background image of your website. You will be able to make your website totally unique in just one click.


You can setup images or videos to take the full width of the browser to make a dynamic design.


SiteW provides several design effects which will allow you to make a totally unique website. You can rotate blocks. During winter you can use the snow effect.

Advanced CSS customization

You can create a website and modify the style (color, font, text size, ...) of some elements. This can be made by inserting CSS rules.


Boost your SEO

SEO is an essential feature of your website. SiteW uses all the techniques available to create a website with a high search engine ranking without any work from your part (robots.txt, meta tags, sitemap, 301 redirects, domain name, HTTPS and SSL, responsive design, H1 H2 tags, ...). Many easy-to-use tools will allow your website to reach the top of Google.

SEO wizard

Follow your progress while you create your website with easy to follow recommendations.

Custom titles, meta tags descriptions and urls

To allow you to be more visible in search engines, you can customize your titles, your meta-descriptions, your URL and your keywords for each webpage. Customized titles and descriptions can also be setup for every product page, and blog article. The source code of your website will always be optimized for search engines without any need for you to understand the complexity of HTML development.

Submission to Google

Submission to Google is automatically managed with the information provided by SiteW to search engines. You can even follow the evolution of your webpage SEO status directly from your SiteW account.

Ultra fast website

Your website is designed to be ultra fast by following Google Page Speed recommendations. Slow websites discourage visitors and are penalized in search results.

Simple and intuitive statistics interface

You can view your website statistics directly from your SiteW dashboard: number of visits, number of pages viewed, location of the visitors, search terms used to find your website, ... Enhanced statistics can be checked by easily setting up Google Analytics tracking.

Rich snippets

Search engines are evolving to display more and more useful information in search results and SiteW provides them with a lot of information, so that, for instance, product prices can be displayed directly in Google results.

Image SEO

You can add custom descriptions (Alt attributes) to your images to enhance their ranking in image search engines.

Paid ads

You can promote your website with any paid ad service. Many services such as Google Adwords or Facebook ads provide free credit upon registration.

Google Search Console

Setting up Google Search Console is easy with SiteW so that you can follow your SEO directly from Google (keyword ranking, visits from Google, ...).

Security and Updates


We offer you an efficient web hosting. Your website and files are hosted in our redundant, high performing Cloud infrastructure composed of secured servers located on data centers in every continent with a huge amount of bandwidth (more than 4 Tbps capacity).

Daily maintenance and update

We update our servers daily in order to make sure there is no loophole in our infrastructure. Your site is then free of corrected vulnerabilities.

Automatic backup

Regular backups allow us to guarantee that the service keeps on working in case of either software or hardware problems.


All your domain names are hosted with HTTPS to make your website 100% secure. This allows to gain more trust from your customers and to increase SEO.

Frequent new features

Our website creation tool is regularly updated in order to offer you new features and new options. That way we are sure to provide you with the best possible experience.


24h support

The SiteW team will answer you in less than 24 hours by email. Our passionate and experienced team reply individually to each question in order to support you in the website creation process. Our support is located in France and is in direct contact with our development team and sales team.


You can read our FAQ (more than 150 today) in order to get to know how to create a website.

Contextual help

On the website creation page, a wizard helps you with the initial creation of your website. And while you use a tool or feature, help is displayed on mouseover.

Phone assistance

We provide help session service by appointment so that when you are in need we can guide you through the creation of your website, the optimization of your SEO or any subject related to your website.

Newsletter, social networks and blog

We publish guides, tips and news about website creation, webdesign and SEO. For you not to miss anything, read our blog, follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter.

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