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Create and optimize your website with artificial intelligence

Explore the future of website creation with SiteW and our integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into our editor.

Benefit from innovative features such as automatic SEO generation and text enhancement, which optimize your creative experience.

These first two features mark a new step forward for SiteW.

Create free How to create a website using notepad

Essential principles

Create more than just a website. Go one step further with our features that help you develop your online visibility and make your projects a success.
Start to make your ideas a reality.

Free creation

Create a custom website without limits.

Drag and drop, and build your website easily. Do what you think without technical constraints. Enjoy the greater freedom for your website creation.

Our intuitive editor enables you to do what you want without any difficulties. Our flexibility will lead you to success!


Your security and your visitors’ one are priority.

Choose a website secured by SiteW that complies with the latest GDPR standards in force.

We also deal with the regular updates of your website, as well as its hosting. Thus, you are sure to save time.

Mobile devices and tablets

A website visible everywhere without efforts.

Enjoy an optimized website for mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets with SiteW. Our templates are naturally responsive and adapt to mobile browsing.

You can also create a custom mobile version individually for each device.

Web design software


Being the single website administrator makes a difference. Enjoy a website without any ads. You will be the only decision maker for your website content.


Start to create a website for free. There are no hidden costs, everything is included. Our packages meet your needs and not the reverse.


If you want a rapid and eco-friendly website, you must design a light and optimized website. SiteW uses a code and images, that are naturally optimized, to enable you to create a responsive and rapid website due to its lightness.

Devoted team

We have a customer service at your disposal that can help you if necessary. Our team is available and quick-to-react. We help you every day to make your project successful.


Customizable templates

Create a website faster with a modern and customizable design.

Choose one of our predesigned templates or start from scratch for the creation of a custom website. Then, edit its design easily and customize it as you please. You can customize everything. Edit your fonts without limits and adapt your graphic charter to your entire website.

Each template is responsive. Customize your website wherever you wish, without any technical skills. Offer your website a unique and creative style. Your website will reflect your style.

Unique palettes

Enjoy colours like you.

Choose your colours among a wide range of popular and customizable palettes. You will find about twenty different styles for a colourful website. It is also possible to customize your palette as you wish, or by basing you on your graphic charter.

Change the global aspect of your website with a single click.

Embedded image bank

Find thousands of photos to add to your website in just one click.

Customize your website as much as possible and improve your visitors’ experience. To that end, add royalty-free and professional images to your contents.

Our image and icon banks just have royalty-free and ready-to-use images.

Effects and animations

Make your website dynamic thanks to block animation.

Move your blocks while users scroll up or down your page. Choose among different types of animations to animate your website and configure it as you want.

Define the type of animation, its direction, duration, or activation. To sum up, customize and animate without limits.

Create a website online for free

Add a favicon and logo

Strengthen your branding by adding your logo or by displaying a unique favicon in the browser tab.

Embed widgets

Embed HTML codes easily thanks to our Code block. Add graphic elements, as well as interactive contents, with a few clicks.

Add videos

Drag and drop your proper videos or public videos to animate your website and grab visitors’ attention.

Advanced CSS customization

SiteW enables you to add custom CSS rules easily and modify the style of some elements (colour, fonts, text size…).


A website is a good thing, but a visible website is better. SiteW enables you to control your website SEO without loosing time. You enjoy a natural and effective optimization right from the creation of your website, as well as advanced features to keep developing your online visibility.

Automatic management

SiteW deals with (almost) everything.

We optimize your SEO automatically. To make its management easier, our team ensures sitemaps, robots.txts, redirections, HTTPS, SSL, responsive design, domain names and tags. For example, if you don’t complete your title tags, they will be automatically completed according to the most relevant content for your business.

SiteW enables you to focus on the essential only.

Custom fields

Manage and customize your SEO easily.

To rank higher on search engines, you can customize your titles, meta-descriptions, keywords and URL for each page. Make internet users’ browsing easier thanks to custom URL. They are automatically generated from your page title, but you can modify them at any time. Catch new visitors with unique titles and descriptions for each page.

It’s also possible to customize the titles and descriptions of product pages and blog articles.

Automatic submission to Google

Google will automatically see your website.

The Google registration step is automatically managed due to the information given by SiteW to search engines. You can track your website registration on Google at any time, directly on your dashboard.

We inform Google of the creation or modification of your website at each publication. This enables you to enjoy a quick and effective indexation.

Embedded rich snippets

Improve your website visibility thanks to rich snippets.

To boost your click rate, SiteW enables you to configure rich snippets. Thus, you can increase the visibility of pages with specific information like products, customer opinions… SiteW gives search engines any type of useful information for your SEO automatically.

For instance, we ensure that your product prices are directly displayed in results.

SEO for images

Help Google rank your images quickly.

Write custom descriptions (Alt tags) for your images to boost their ranking on image search engines. The Alt tag refers to the title of your image, and is essential for your SEO. Enjoy this tag to describe the content of your image and use your keywords.

SEO tracking

Use Google tools on your website for constant monitoring.

Track your SEO directly on your dashboard. To that end, connect your website to Google Search Console. You will immediately access detailed information about your website activity (evolution of your keywords ranking, visits from Google…).

You can also sign in to Google Analytics to learn more about your visitors’ activity.

Create php website

Online store

Sell easily with SiteW. Enjoy advanced features to take advantage of your online business. We receive no commission on your sales, and all the necessary features are available for a good management of your online store. You will be sure to have a complete and customizable store.

No commission

No commission, no hidden fees.

We receive no commission on your sales. You will get all the receipts. Sell online 24/7 and make your business visible. Create an online store, present your products, and enjoy a commission rate of 0%.

Unlimited payment methods

Choose your payment providers.

Our external payment providers manage payments by credit card. Each of them implements different subscription conditions and prices. SiteW enables you to implement the payment provider of your choice.

You can also implement payment in instalments, depending on your payment provider. Thus, get all the receipts of your sales easily.

Stock management

Stock management will have never been easier.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you are the only manager of your stocks. You can complete your product page and let your customers know that your stock is limited. Keep in touch with your customers and inform them of the restocking and availability of your products.

It’s also possible to provide your customers with a pre-order service for your future or replenishment items. Control and manage your stocks all the time.

Order tracking

Keep an eye on all your orders.

Manage your online store easily and effectively thanks to the order tracking system of SiteW. You can access your order list and view all your order status (paid, sent, cancelled…).

You will be informed of each order placed in your store. You can modify their status, let users know about shipments, and archive completed orders in the order management panel.


Boost your sales by applying discounts.

Configure your discounts and create promo codes on your online store. You will just have to define the tender amount (in € or in %), as well as its deadline. You can choose the products concerned and the number of usable codes.

Make destocks, enjoy the sales and any other events of the year to catch new buyers and encourage your visitors to purchase. Make your online store dynamic by implementing special offers.

Shipping costs

Customize your shipping costs.

Shipping costs are automatically calculated thanks to a customizable method: depending on the order weight, the number of products, the total of the cart by level or percentage. You can easily and quickly configure and customize everything.

How to create a website on notepad

Customer service

Quick-to-react team

A devoted team makes a difference.

We know that it may be difficult to reach some online services. We want to solve this problem and make human relationships easier. We are at your service and keep an eye out. In case of problem, email us and be sure that we reply as soon as possible.

Creating a website by yourself is a great thing, but relying on a devoted customer service (if necessary) is better.

Rated 4.8/5 on Trustpilot

SiteW is one of the top-rated website builder of the market.

Thousands of users trust SiteW to develop their online presence. Be the next user who recommands SiteW, our tool and our team. Our service is rated 4.8/5 on an independent review platform, Trustpilot. We are proud of this rating.

That’s why, each day, we do our utmost and develop our tool continuously to keep this rating.

Additional resources

Our different resources will help you create your website.

Tutorials were specifically designed for you to help you start on our tool. For more expertise, our blog is at your disposal and gives you the best tips.If you want to learn more about how SiteW works, you can consult our FAQ section.

Start at your own pace, and if you need help, the SiteW team remains at your disposal.

Specific newsletter

You will receive key information for your business, directly in your inbox.

We will also send you a bi-monthly newsletter that deals with entrepreneurial topics, as well as the SiteW news.

You will always be well-informed and never miss anything.

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Domain names and emails

Book a domain name

Easy, affordable, effective. Book your custom domain name quickly. Be visible, credible, and secure by booking your domain name. Become the happy owner of a custom domain name and secure your business.

Get a professional email address

Get your professional, reliable, and secure email address easily. Strengthen your credibility and become an appreciated sender by contacting your customers and potential customers with a professional address. Enjoy a secure email address with fantastic humans at your service.

Connected services

Create a website that connects to the best services of the world. Embed API that adapt to your business in your website: E-commerce, Communication, Multimedia among others. Choose, drag and drop, publish!

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