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Why should you book a domain name?

Booking your domain name is like creating your postal address on the Internet. Choosing your domain name carefully will ensure that your visitors find you quickly and easily online. Buying a domain name has never been easier.

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Booking a domain name has many advantages.


Your domain name improves your organic SEO. Boost your SEO and search engine ranking with a custom domain name.

Be visible everywhere, and all the time.


A custom domain name is easy to remember. Your website, your web address.

Make your visitors’ memorization easier.


Get visitor confidence with a custom web address.

More credible, easily.


Protect your domain name from cybersquatting. If you book your own domain name, you avoid some abusive practice.
Less useless words. You don’t need to worry thanks to your own domain name.

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Why should you book a domain name with SiteW?

The professional and suitable solution for you

Make the most of an all-in-one solution to develop your online presence. We help you from your website creation to your domain name booking.
You have everything you need to grow online, on a single platform.

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As a beginner web designer, booking a domain name was easy and fast.

Bernard J.

B&B manager

It was easy to book a domain name. Your tool is intuitive, and I chose among many extensions.

Catherine T.


Booking my domain name was easy and quick for me. I thought it would take more time or be a bit technical, but not at all. The interface was clear and user-friendly.

Léna C.

Illustrator and multimedia designer

Booking a domain name with SiteW is useful and effective. The customer service is quick to react and answer.

Corinne D.

Wellbeing coach

A human team by your side

Far from a basic online service, we give priority to human relations. At SiteW, there is no automated messages or never-ending wait. We have a privileged, transparent, and trustful relation with each one of you.

What’s about the SiteW’s customer service? It’s simple! The whole team deals with it!
You are sure to have the right expert at the right time.


SiteW has no chatbot.
Our customer service has a human face (our face). It is genuine, honest, and kindly.

Quick to react

Our team is quick to react. We answer quickly. You have precious time, so we give the right answer as quick as possible.


We help you if needed. We do our utmost to solve your problems with transparency and kindness.

Some tips to choose the proper domain name

Keep it short

A short domain name will be easy to understand and remember.
Short domain names are easy to enter and remember.
Ideally, don’t exceed 30 characters.

With a short domain name, you will have a greater impact.

Choose a local extension

To keep coherent, choose your extension according to the geographic area of your target audience.
If your website is just available in English, there is no reason to book an extension such as .de.

A local extension enables you to define your target audience precisely.

Talk about yourself

If possible, add your brand name to your domain name.
Whether it’s your keywords or brand name, you will enjoy greater visibility and rank higher on Google if you use them in your domain name.

You are responsible for your success.

No special characters

For higher credibility, we avoid hyphen, figures, jargon, and spelling mistakes.

These special characters make your domain name difficult to spell and remember.

Keep it relevant and simple.

Check and book

It is becoming more and more difficult to find an available domain name. Be quick to react, so that you don’t miss the domain name you want. Check if it’s available and book it immediately!

Good news! SiteW enables you to know your domain name availability quickly.
Don’t hesitate! Check, book, create.

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