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* If you are already a SiteW’s customer or if you want to create a SiteW website, the professional email address is already included in our packages.

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What is a professional email address?

It’s just an email address which is related to your domain name.
The most currently used email addresses are:,

Keep it simple and easy to remember

A professional email address is easy to remember. Your recipients know immediately that it is you and your company.

A professional email address enables you to be appreciated by your recipients and be no longer reported as spam.

It’s the best way to be more credible and strengthen your brand image.

Get a professional email address easily

Create your professional email address easily, quickly and effectively.


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Why should you create a professional email address ?

An email address has many advantages


Your email address shows your professionalism and reassures your interlocutors. Your business is famous, trustworthy, and reliable if you send an email with a professional address.
Base your credibility on a custom email address.


Promote your business each time you send an email. Your email address includes your domain name. With just an email, your potential customers will have the possibility to know your identity and offers and then visit your website.
Enjoy as much visibility as possible.


It’s easy to get your professional email address and create as many email addresses as you want.
An address easy to create and remember.


Antivirus software, spam filter… Everything has been done to protect you from malware. You won’t lose your emails due to a virus thanks to an optimal security for your professional email address.
Become an appreciated sender.

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Make the most of an all-in-one solution to develop your online presence. We help you from your website creation to your professional email address booking.

You access all the necessary tools to grow online effectively, on a single platform.

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Humans by your side

More than just an online service, there is a dedicated team by your side. We don’t send automated and impersonal messages. We do our utmost to establish a relationship of trust and transparency with each customer.

What’s about the SiteW’s customer service?

It’s simple! The whole team deals with it!

You are sure to have the right expert at the right time.

FAQ about professional email addresses

Can I create an email address with the same domain name as my website ?
Yes, you can. It’s recommended to create a professional email address depending on your domain name. Good news! If you book your email address, you also book its related domain name without additional cost.
Can I transfer my email addresses ?
It’s impossible to forward emails from an inbox to your SiteW inbox. You need to save them to not lose your information and recreate the same inbox on SiteW.
What is the capacity for professional email storage ?
For each package, you can opt for a storage between 250 MB (free) and 5 GB (€2/month) for your inbox.
How many emails can I send with my email address? What does the mail package include ?
With 250 MB, you can store about 400 emails against 8500 emails with 5 GB. The text of an email isn’t heavy, contrary to attached documents that make it heavy.
What is the advantage of a professional inbox instead of a basic one?
A professional email address reassures your potential customers and shows your professionalism.
A professional inbox refers to a URL that contains your domain name instead of or
If you create your email address on SiteW, you ensure to be trustworthy and more professional.

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