Committed company

At SiteW, we are convinced that it is possible to be an eco-friendly and committed solution for the things that drive us. In all modesty, we try to take action at our own level to build a better world.

From the beginnings of SiteW, we wanted to be useful and have a positive impact on our users, the world around us and ourselves.

Fabien Versange & Cédric Hamel

| 2021

Committing ourselves for the world around us

Means of transport

We opt for car-sharing, cycling and public transport to go to our offices.

Waste sorting

We try to recycle the rubbish as much as possible.


We try to eat local products and limit meal deliveries.

A team on your side

We think that each question should be dealt with attention. The experiences with online services sometimes may be difficult and human relationship may be missing.

We are committed to ensuring a complete and custom support for each user. At SiteW, the whole team deals with customer service. We are here to help you in case of problem. There is no ostrich-like approach at SiteW.

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We are honest. Our goal is to always be transparent and answer our users sincerely.

We try to understand each problem and put ourselves in users’ place. We don’t dominate and impose. We consider users our co-workers.

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What about internal commitments?

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Workplace wellbeing

We think that working hours and places flexibility matches a current and future society’s demand. This gives employees the possibility to better assume professional and private constraints.

That’s why SiteW has developed tools and methods to suit each co-worker’s requirements.

Ratio of

men / women

within SiteW





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Gender ratio

Good news! Gender diversity has been reached. 👐 It is a great satisfaction in a business sector where males are still in the majority.

The age profile and the inclusion of disabled workers are axis for improvements within the team.

The age balance has almost been reached, and we already have a disabled worker.

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