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The Hours block allows retailers, service providers, freelancers, craftsmen… to display their opening or working hours. Many display and customization options are available, in order to meet everyone’s specific needs.

Customization possibilities for the Hours block

On SiteW, you can display your opening or working hours, very easily, and with precision. You have access to the following customization options:

  • You can display your regular hours
  • You can add, modify or delete vacation periods
  • You can add, modify or delete special opening hours

Display options for the Hours block

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Many display options are available, for your opening or working hours, depending on what is more convenient for your customers/patients:

-You can display your hours from monday to sunday, or from the current day, for the next 7 days (for example, if it is friday, your hours will be displayed from friday, then, saturday, sunday, monday, etc.).
-It is possible to automatically group the days: if the opening hours are the same for several days in a row, this option allows to group these days, in order to clarify and optimize the display.
-Finally, you have the possibility to not display your weekly schedule, but only the state (open or closed) of your business, at the present time, as well as the closing time or reopening time.

E-retailers, craftsmen, service providers…, the Hours block will perfectly fit your needs, and will quickly become indispensable on your professional website.

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Last update: October 07, 2020

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